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In The Navy Now! Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Stanton’s staff would like to wish one of our own, Tom Smiley, the best of luck with his new adventure in life–and “adventure” seems to be the opperative word seeing that he is heading to the Navy’s basic training camp in Bethesda, Maryland.  Tom has been with Stanton’s since his early college days, working in our “Pop” department on Saturdays and putting in any extra time that he could between classes during the week.  Tom earned his bachelor’s degree from the Ohio State University in the Spring of 2007 and took his first teaching job as a high school band director with the Columbus City Schools.  This past summer, Tom came back to work for Stanton’s in a temporary position until his Naval enrollment was finalized and he knew when he was to be ”shipped out” to basic training.  Tom will be enlisting as an officer and specialize in ships’ weapon deployment systems.  We wish Tom the best of luck in the next four years and hope that he stays safe in his travels around the world.

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