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Graduation for Elementary/Beginning Choirs Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Many elementary schools celebrate the end of the school year with graduation or promotion ceremonies, but it can sometimes be difficult to find music with appropriate texts that is easy enough for elementary singers. Stanton's suggests the following pieces to complete your school year:

Each of Us Has a Light
This gospel-style swing piece incorporates a bit of the traditional spiritual “This Little Light of Mine,” as well as an original melody/text encouraging each student to recognize their own “spark of brilliance.”

Time is Precious
While the simple rhythms and easily-learned parts create a memorable melody, the lyrics of this piece remind us that because “time is precious, time is passing,” we should cherish every moment that we have and appreciate the gift of life.

Walk With Me My Friend
This upbeat original offers the universal message of friendship and hope for the future in an accessible setting that is perfect for graduation and other end-of-the-year programs. Easily learned, it will be a great confidence builder for younger groups.

Will You Teach Me?
Don t miss this memorable and emotional showpiece, which is especially appropriate to honor teachers and parents. “…Will you teach me how to dream, to face the future sight unseen?…Will you teach me how to soar, to see things never seen before? But most importantly of all, will you teach me how to be the only thing I can be…Me?”

For more suggestions for elementary and beginning treble choirs, contact Stanton's choral department!

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