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What type of musical is right for ME?! Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If your school/organization is putting on a musical this spring and you’re not ALREADY planning it–it’s certainly time to get started. But what kind of musical is right for your situation? Check our handy “cheat sheet” to find out:

High School or Community Theater Groups: You will likely require a traditional, full-length musical which must be contracted with a musical licensing company–check our previous blog for all the details.

Junior High/Middle Schools: Depending on the ability/requirements of your students and your budget, you may choose to do a full-length licensed musical, a Broadway Junior production or a 4-8 Classroom Musical. All of these options vary in difficulty, duration and cost, so you should be able to find one to fit your needs.

Elementary Schools: Your best bet is probably the traditional Classroom Musical for either K-4 or 4-8. If you want a more elaborate production, try one of the “Disney Kids” programs that are part of the Broadway Junior line-up.

Stanton’s can help you with either preview materials or vocal collections for any of these types of musicals–just contact us to help with your planning!

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