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Free Music Advocacy Tools! Thursday, April 14, 2011

As school decisionmakers are faced with difficult choices regarding time in the school day, allocating budget dollars, and addressing testing priorities, choir programs are losing ground! And all of us who sing or work with choruses know that most adult singers started singing in school, which is why Chorus America just published “Making the Case for Your School Choir: An Advocacy Guide.”
“Making the Case” includes a case statement, with facts and figures supporting the importance of choral music education. In addition, “Making the Case” provides advice on how to build a network of choir supporters, an action plan matrix to mobilize them, a parents' advocacy guide, a PowerPoint presentation, and many other practical tools. Moreover, the linked and annotated bibliography includes every single study referenced in the data, as well as dozens of other advocacy tools.

Arm yourself with the best possible means to garner support and funding for your music program!

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