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Lost and Found? Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here at Stanton’s Sheet Music we write daily blogs on a variety of subjects–everything from the newest choral pieces, what’s new in the “band world,” to the latest pop piece from Glee and much more in between (like last years blog about the bird flying inside the building, Build a Better Mouse Trap, or the new wall built along the south side of our building). Well, here’s one of the “in between” blogs…

For the past 2 weeks there has been a baseball cap left on the table of the in-store listening lab.  Somewhere along the line, a customer was sitting at the  listening lab table listening to the newest and hottest concert band pieces, took his ball cap off and forgot to put it back on before checking out and leaving.  Nobody here has moved it since it’s not in anyone’s way, but it’s still here. We know guys can be very territorial about their baseball hats–often wearing the same ballcap for years–so we don’t want to just throw it away!

Today’s blog is an attempt to reunite this hat with its happy owner, to save this poor hat from an untimely end in the trash can. So if you are reading this blog and you recognize the cap, please contact us.  Thanks!

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