News & Views Monday, May 21, 2018

Stanton's Attends the RPMDA Convention in Tampa Monday, April 25, 2011

Several of Stanton's staff members will fly to Tampa Florida for this year's RPMDA Convention.  RPMDA is a trade organization of music dealers from across the country who meet annually to discuss current issues involving printed sheet music.

Stanton's became one of the charter members of the organization when John Stanton and James Strouse attended the very first meeting in St. Louis back in 1976. The meeting involved several major sheet music store owners wanting to discuss issues with which they were currently dealing. What they discovered was that they were each working on the same basic issues as the next guy, so after discussing these problems together they were able to come up with new and better solutions to their common problems.

This year's convention should be no different from the first convention 35 years ago; some things have changed with new technology, but there are still core issues with which all owners are still dealing. RPMDA gives companies like Stanton's an opportunity to build relationships with publishers and suppliers, discuss managerial issues with other business owners and find the “next big thing” that music educators can't live without.

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