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Keep Stanton’s at Your Fingertips! Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stanton’s is proud to announce the official launch of our new Mobile Website! After last year’s June launch of our completely redesigned main website, we immediately turned our attention to building a mobile website. The world is getting smarter and moving faster—at least, our phones are—and in order to keep up with the grower number of customers using smart phones, Stanton’s knew that we needed to adapt our site to be user-friendly on the “small screen.”

Why are we so excited? The new mobile website doesn’t need to be zoomed in; it’s designed to fit within your phone’s screen size. It breaks down categories with a simplified structure that is easier to navigate with your fingers.

Using Stanton’s new mobile site, your smart phone becomes your mp3 player for our thousands of music sound files.  So if you’re at a doctor’s appointment, at the airport, or sitting on your back porch, you’ll be able to listen to something new from our mobile website anywhere you are!

What’s next for our Mobile Website? We are currently designing our fan favorite–the Listening Library–to be mobile friendly as well. Stanton’s is working to include bar code scanning capabilities in the store, so you can easily scan and hear sound files while standing right in front of the music!

Check out Stanton’s Mobile Website on your smart phone, and give us your feedback. We know you’ll be as excited as we are about what we’ve created for you!

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