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What’s LITERALLY “happening around Stanton’s!” Thursday, August 02, 2012

So whats happening around Stanton’s these days?  Construction.

As ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) prepares to tear apart the I-70/I71 split going through downtown Columbus, they are also preparing the side streets for their eventual changes.  If you’ve ever been through the middle of downtown Columbus during peak driving times, you understand the congestion.  However, there is soon to be a relief…ok, maybe not SOON, but construction is underway after a 5-year study/planning by the City officials and ODOT. The result will be new ways to enter the downtown area off the freeways (see details…, and it will effect the traffic pattern around Stanton’s block.

At this point in time they are busily tearing up the freeway itself and digging out electrical infrastructure under the streets now.  The electric company has been outside our driveway entry way this past week, digging up the street laying updated power lines for its newly engineered downtown grid system.  They’ve put up the orange barrels with gap between them, just big enough that you can still turn into Stanton’s parking lot.  However, we think this is temporary, until the real construction to make Mound Street one way west-bound begins sometime in 2013 or 2014.  Stay tuned…

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