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We Wish You a Folky Christmas! Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Books of Christmas music for folk instruments are sometimes hard to come by.  Here are two books, one for banjo and one for mandolin.  “Christmas Songs for Banjo” has been arranged by Jim Schustedt.  The music is written out in both banjo tablature and standard notation, and includes chord names and lyrics. Because the chord names are included, friends can strum along, turning your visit  into a fun get-together. Contents include  24 songs, mostly standard Christmas carols.  There is a handy banjo notation legend in the back of the book.

  “Mandolin Christmas” by Eric Cutshall is a collection of  20 Christmas carols, each in 2 versions. First, a lead sheet version, second, a solo arrangement.  They can be played together as duets, and chord names  are included, so friends can strum along.  Spend the holiday with friends and make music together with either collection!  For information concerning either of these Christmas books, or other folk music Christmas collections, please call 1-800-42-MUSIC or email us at

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