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Popular Music Classroom “Extras” 31 January, 2013

In addition to your sheet music, textbooks and instruments, there are those little “extras” that really enhance your teaching and make your classroom a great learning environment! Don’t forget to order these items from Stanton’s when you place your regular music order:

Erasable Music Lap Boards
You’ll find numerous uses for this handy teaching aid! Two staves are printed on one side for teaching musical notation; the other side is blank and may be used for drawing rhythms, musical symbols, terminology and just plain fun! Lap boards measure 12″ x 16″ and come in a package of 10.

Kodály Hand Signs Posters
Singers are sure to remember the Curwen Kodály Hand Signs with this great visual set of 8 posters. The Hand Signs are each shown on a separate attractive full-color 8-1/2″ x 11″ laminated poster for a multitude of uses and visual display options.

Meet the Instruments Poster Set
Explore the many sights and sounds of the symphony orchestra and band! Makes your student’s experiences with the sight and sound of each instrument simple, uncomplicated, and at the same time, dramatic and colorful. The 25 full-color posters on sturdy artboard (14′ x 22′) picture the instruments singly and in family groups. An informative text is printed in an accompanying booklet and on the back of each poster.

For more great ideas for your classroom, contact Stanton’s by email or call 1-800-426-8742.

New in the Contemporary A Cappella Series 30 January, 2013

According to the Contemporary A Cappella Society, “contemporary a cappella” is a moniker used to describe the idiom of popular a cappella (voices only – no instruments) that arose during the mid- to late 1980s, and now spans a wide variety of styles including rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, country, jazz, etc.  Here are just a few of the newest publications from master a cappella arranger Deke Sharon:

Double platinum and Grammy nominated, this a cappella arrangement of Beyonce’s epic pop power ballad Halo features interwoven polyrhythmic vocal textures and a powerful soprano solo. Optional body percussion (stomps and claps) notated.

Holding Out for a Hero, the #1 song from the “Footloose” soundtrack sung by Bonnie Tyler, was one of the biggest songs of the 1980′s. Bombastic and fun, it’s a great feature for a female soloist, and makes a great show closer or encore.

Originally performed by Maxx Factor on “The Sing Off” season one, Love Story is sweet, warm and easy to sing yet full and rich. The melody is in the soprano 2 part with duet and trio lines throughout.

Take a rock and roll hajj back to the psychedelic 60′s on Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride. Packed with energy, this arrangement makes for a great show opener, closer or encore.

Perhaps the most iconic song of the 80′s, Thriller is finally available as an a cappella arrangement! Rhythmic, full, fun to sing, yet not too complex so your singers will be able to tackle a few signature dance moves while they sing. Zombies optional.

Check out our website for more titles in the Contemporary A Cappella series, and contact us for further repertoire suggestions!

Develop Lyricism & Ensemble Playing in Your High School Band 29 January, 2013

Lyrical works for concert band fill important programming and educational needs.  First, they provide that breath of fresh air between standard overtures, marches and concert works, but they also allow for the development of ensemble blend and balance, intonation, group phrasing and dynamics, expression, control, and endurance resulting in more mature musicianship.  Lyrical selections are as much a staple of band programming as wind band standards and marches, and there are a number of excellent new selections perfect to fill that slot on your concert and contest programs.

Ave Maria
Kevin A. Memley, arr. Preston Hazzard
Originally a composition for chorus by Kevin A. Memley, this adaptation by Preston Hazzard makes expert use of the various tone colors available for band. Cascading waterfall effects are represented in the mallet percussion and woodwinds, while an underlying rhythmic texture provides a flowing background for the lyric melody. The piece builds nicely to a full band climax before returning to a quiet and delicate mood for the close.

James Syler
Long lyrical lines are highlighted by ever-changing harmonies and textures in this beautiful work. Intentionally designed to be playable by bands with moderate range and technique, this work focuses on musicality and is sure to provide your students with an enriching experience.

Down in the Valley
arr. Pierre La Plante
The most well-known and beloved American mountain ballad, set for concert band by master folksong tunesmith-arranger, Pierre LaPlante. Beautiful and sensitive writing.

Scott Boerma
Written in memory of a prominent band director who touched the lives of so many, Shadows is an emotional and passionate piece by composer Scott Boerma demonstrating heartfelt thoughts of admiration.

Shadows of the Equinox
Robert Sheldon
As summer ends, the chill of the autumn air awakens feelings within us. The shadows are longer in late afternoon and darkness comes early. The trees are losing their leaves and their gnarled trunks and branches take on sinister profiles against the looming twilight. We shudder at the cold wind. Our pulse quickens and we suddenly want to return to the safety and warmth of home. Night falls and we are once again at peace. We say a final farewell to the carefree days of summer and accept the relentless march of the seasons. Winter will soon be here.

arr. Julian Bond
Julian Bond’s rich arrangement of this popular traditional American melody is aimed at developing a warm ensemble sound and expressive phrasing. The palette of colors changes throughout to allow each section to shine as the melodic responsibilities are passed around the ensemble. The piece ebbs and flows from subtle splashes of light to dramatic presentations of melody creating an overall effect that is contemporary and picturesque.

Silent Noon
Ralph Vaughan Williams, arr. Ed Huckeby
Originally written by Vaughan Williams as a vocal setting of a sonnet by Dante Gabriel Rossini, this beautiful art song makes a dramatic musical statement through its flowing melodic lines and creative harmonies. Ed Huckeby has transformed this classic for concert band with colorful scoring featuring the woodwind choir and vulnerable melodic lines in the horns and trumpets.

With Every Winter’s Breath
Randall D. Standridge
With Every Winter’s Breath is a breathtakingly gorgeous work inspired by the idea that even after death, a person’s memory can inspire, comfort, and influence our daily lives. A poignant original melody and Go Tell It on the Mountain are woven together in a stunning, emotional tapestry.

Pop Music for Spring for Women’s & Men’s Choirs 28 January, 2013

Stanton’s Sheet Music suggests that you make your students the stars this spring with some of these great popular music choices for women’s and men’s choirs.  Whether you’re looking for current pop, an inspirational ballad or a Broadway showstopper, we’ll help you find the perfect choice for your ensemble!

The English singer/songwriter Adele’s second album, “21,” has enjoyed enormous critical acclaim, with reviewers lauding her multi-Grammy-winning vocal performance and introspective songwriting. Four smash hits are included in the ten-minute medley Adele: Songs from the Album 21, including: “Rolling In the Deep;” “Rumour Has It;” “Set Fire to the Rain” and “Someone Like You.”  A great feature for treble ensembles!

From Season 3 of “Glee,” the soulful cover of the hit song Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine provided a dramatic and inspirational moment for the girls of New Directions. Simple acoustic accompaniment and expressive vocal harmonies make this setting a super choice for women’s ensembles!

Celebrate 50 years of James Bond 007 – and the release of the movie “Skyfall” – with the fabulously recognizable James Bond Theme, originally premiered in the film “Dr. No.” Men’s choirs can now enjoy these exciting rhythms, marvelous melodies, and snazzy harmonies!

The layered wordless accompaniment provides a steady and soulful underlay for the sweet pop melody and lyrics of the Bruno Mars chart-topper Just the Way You Are. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Prom, Spring Concert or any romantic occasion!

For more suggestions, check out our video below, or contact us!

Click here to watch video

Moses Hogan for Men’s Choirs 25 January, 2013

Until his untimely death in 2003, Moses Hogan was one of the most celebrated contemporary directors and arrangers of spirituals. In his short life, he created dozens of new original arrangements of classic spirituals, and formed several choirs that performed them with new vitality.

Now available are three new arrangements of Hogan’s spirituals, adapted for men’s choirs by Dr. Peter A. Eklund of University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  These arrangements maintain Hogan’s original spirit, while creating new opportunities in TTBB choral repertoire.  The timeless hymn Abide With Me appears in a rich and sonorous setting that will be a concert highlight!  The exuberant work Ride On, King Jesus! represents some of Hogan’s best compositional statements and is a powerful concert feature for better choirs.  And from the powerful opening chords of My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord to the exhilarating call and response sections, this is a work that will bring down the house!

For more exciting repertoire for your men’s choir, please contact us!

Suggestions for Choral Adjudications 24 January, 2013

The beginning of 2013 is a perfect opportunity to look back at what your students have learned so far this school year, and to look forward to the new and exciting musical challenges you will present to them in the coming months.  As you prepare for your upcoming concerts, festivals or adjudicated events, Stanton’s School Choral Music staff would like to recommend these repertoire choices, carefully chosen from many new and classic publications as “the best of the best!”

For advanced SATB groups, Richard Burchard’s O Vos Omnes featured rich tone color and thick harmonic writing for a cappella divisi voices.  The Tiger by Lauren Bernofsky is an exciting choice for developing groups – an energetic, inventive and rhythmically vibrant work, your choir will explore the full spectrum of dynamics, technique and emotional expressiveness.  Feature a lovely folksong setting with Song of the River, arranged by Mark Patterson, or a classic choral standard such as Felix Mendelssohn’s charming Mailied.

Capable treble choirs will excel with Johannes Brahms’ Die Mainacht, a lush and expressive setting of a beautiful text, and younger groups can work on part-singing and ensemble skills with the expressive I lift my eyes by Bob Chilcott or I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, a pensive setting of a William Wordsworth text.  Michelle Roueche’s arrangement of Shout All Over God’s Heaven is another strong choice for advanced groups – it’s a perfect encore or program closer!

The classic Robert Shaw/Alice Parker arrangement of Saints Bound for Heaven is nicely adapted for a cappella men’s voices – a great choice for accomplished ensembles – or try John Farmer’s madrigal Fair Phyllis.  For younger choirs, Regina Coeli by Dan Davison offers a dramatic setting of the classic Latin text, or try the expressive beauty of Victor Johnson’s Where Dwells the Soul of My Love?

Click here for all of our suggestions for select pieces for adjudicated events – while we have specifically geared these selections to be appropriate for Ohio Music Education Association events, this quality repertoire is sure to be successful on any spring concert or other event as well!  For even more recommendations, please contact us.

Accessible Arrangements of Wind Band Standards 23 January, 2013

The last couple of years have seen a variety of more accessible arrangements of wind band standards for bands at the grade 3 level and younger.  From themes from the Holst suites, to standard works by Grundman, Grainger, Vaughan Williams, etc., these arrangements do a nice job of easing some of the range and technical demands while retaining the character and sound of the originals.

While it is worth it to wait until students reach high school to play the original Holst First Suite in Eb or Vaughan Williams’ Sea Songs, these easier arrangements are perfect for introducing students to and allowing the performance of standard band works for programs that may achieve grade level 3 in terms of difficulty or depth of instrumentation.  This year there are seven new arrangements ranging in difficulty from grades 1-3 including selections from Alfred Reed’s Armenian Dances – Part 1, Grundman’s The Blue and the Gray, and Grainger’s Shepherd’s Hey.  For more young arrangements of wind band standards, visit the junior high Wind Band Classics heading in the concert band Listening Library.

Selections from Armenian Dances – Part 1
Alfred Reed, arr. Douglas E Wagner
Grade 2
Part 1 of Armenian Dances is the first of a four-movement suite drawn from the folk song arrangements and original musical works of Armenian composer Komitas Vardapet collected during the early 20th century. Each of Reed’s four movements is represented in this lush through-played medley. Douglas Wagner has crafted a rewarding musical addition to the young band repertoire.

The Blue and the Gray
Clare Grundman, arr. Robert Longfield
Grade 3
Published in 1961 commemorating 100 years after the start of the Civil War, Clare Grundman’s classic work has become a staple in the repertoire. Robert Longfield’s adaptation for younger bands maintains the character of the original as well as all of the tunes, but in a shorter and more concise setting. Includes Kingdom Coming, Marching Through Georgia, Tenting Tonight, The Yellow Rose of Texas, The Bonnie Blue Flag, Aura Lee, Dixie, Battle Cry of Freedom, and The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Pilatus: Mountain of Dragons
Steven Reineke, arr. Matt Conaway
Grade 2.5
Joy, intrigue, and excitement abound in this new arrangement of a Steven Reineke classic! Matt Conaway has pared down the difficulty and length of the original work to make this accessible to less experienced performers. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide your audience with an exciting programmatic work that will be the centerpiece of your next concert!

The Promise of Living
Aaron Copland, arr. James Curnow
Grade 3
James Curnow has skillfully adapted this classic Copland work for younger players while maintaining the transparency and integrity of the original. Solo lines and chamber-like playing is beautifully offset with rich, full ensemble passages. A marvelous addition to the repertoire of classic adaptations for young bands.

Salvation is Created
Pavel Tschesnokoff, arr. Michael Story
Grade 1
Salvation Is Created, written in 1912 by Russian composer, conductor, and teacher Pavel Tschesnokoff (1877–1944), was one of the last sacred choral works Tschnesnokoff wrote before being compelled towards secular music by the Soviet Union. One of the most enduring and beautiful chorales ever written, this young arrangement is a great way to introduce group phrasing and expression.

Shepherd’s Hey
Percy Aldridge Grainger, arr. Chip De Stefano
Grade 0.5
Great for the end of the first year, or returning second year players, Chip De Stefano’s arrangement is a nice introduction to the music of Percy Grainger. Push your ensemble’s development with staccato articulation, light style, basic 8th note groupings, subdivision & tempo, and plenty of rhythmic and counting independence. For an extra challenge, push the tempo toward the end…oh, and watch out for that stinger!

“Lift Me Up!” 22 January, 2013

Do you need help creating exciting choreography for your choir? If so, you’ll want to join the thousands of choral directors across the country that have discovered Alfred Publishing’s popular movement DVDs! Featuring the creative talents of Sally K. Albrecht and Andy Beck, these DVDs are a quick and easy way to add simple yet effective choreography to your concerts to your concerts. Perfect for elementary, middle school, or high school choirs, each DVD features movement suggestions for about 12 Alfred choral titles.

The newest DVD in the series is Lift Me Up!, which features such choral arrangements as “Green Eggs and Ham,” “Moses and Daniel,” “A Pocketful of Rhymes,” “Super Santa!” and “Sparklejollytwinklejingley.” Here’s a preview:

Previously released DVDs from Alfred include: Showbiz!, Danza!, Follow Me to the Top!, Hooray for Hollywood!, In the Spotlight!, On with the Show!, On the Stage!, Put on a Show!, Razzamatazz!, Showtime!, Step by Step and That’s Entertainment! Check out them all for great choreography ideas, or contact us for more information.

Pop Music for Spring for Middle School Choirs 21 January, 2013

Stanton’s Sheet Music suggests that you make your students the stars this spring with some of these great popular music choices for middle school choirs.  Whether you’re looking for current pop, an exciting choreography feature or a clever novelty number, we’ll help you find the perfect choice for your ensemble!

Life’s a Happy Song is the big production number from Walt Disney’s “The Muppets” and a sunny salute to Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy and gang along with their biggest fan Gary! The lyrics say it all, “I’ve got everything that I need right in front of me.”

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s unique Hawaiian-style Over the Rainbow has become a classic, and was performed in “Glee’s” first season finale. Now available is a new 2-part arrangement, which can be performed with piano or SoundTrax CD, featuring ukulele.

Performed in the Broadway musical “The Boy from Oz”, the Peter Allen and Carole Bayer Sager song Everything Old is New Again is perfect for young voices to perform. The ’20s-feel is full of bounce and energy reflecting on days of white suits, tap shoes and tails.

Rolling Stone named the Simon & Garfunkel hit Bridge Over Troubled Water from 1970 as one of the 500 greatest songs of all time, and now younger choirs can experience it in a well-crafted setting that preserves the essence of the song’s power and positive message.

For more suggestions, check out our video below, or contact us!

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The “Other Woodwinds”, Part One 18 January, 2013

melbay-93727-fWoodwinds aren’t all flute, clarinet or saxophone.  There are recorders, Native Indian flutes, and tinwhistles.  Of course, we have music for those!  The recorder is a European woodwind.  It comes in five voices: sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.  The soprano recorder is the one we are most familiar with.  Many of us, in fourth grade, were presented with an inexpensive plastic recorder and a beginner’s method book.  We collectively tooted our way through as much of the book as time would allow, or our teachers could stand.  Thereby, we learned who among us had a flair for playing an instrument. After the obligatory recorder chapter was over, depending on how we felt about our little “blochflote”, (German for “recorder”), it may have been thrown out as a gesture of liberation, lost in the bottom of the toybox, or, just maybe, kept and played.  We have beginner’s books, such as  ”Best in Class” by Bruce Pearson.  There are books of solos for recorder, like “400 Years of Recorder Music” , compiled and edited by Dr. William Weiss.  Some books of sheet music for recorder ensemble are available. “A Purcell Collection for Recorder Consort” is one of those.  For more information about these recorder books or others, call 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website:


Grand Trios for Piano 17 January, 2013

00-37322Some types of piano music are  difficult to find. One piano, six hands is one of those catagories.   Trio playing is fun and exciting.  It helps develop a sense of rhythm, ensemble, and camraderie among students.  As students mature, they are probably going to be asked to be accompanists for soloists or choirs.  Having some ensemble experience from the beginning helps them quickly adapt to that role. Melody Bober has composed six collections of piano ensemble music, called Grand Trios for Piano for one piano, six hands,  ranging in difficulty from early elementary to late intermediate.  Each book includes four trios. The trios have been written in in a variety of styles, meters and tempos  to keep playing interesting. Melody Bober has over 25 years of experience teaching piano students of all levels, and continues to play and compose new music for students. For more information concerning these collections of sheet music, or other music you may be interested in, please call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website,

Jazz Road Trip!! 16 January, 2013

2 guys, 1 van, and about 50 boxes of jazz!

Stanton’s Sheet Music exhibited at the 4th Annual Jazz Education Network Conference at the Hyatt Regency Peachtree in Atlanta, GA on January 2-5, 2013. Ben (The Jazz Guy) and Ken from our instrumental department filled a van with big band charts, Real Books, and jazz play-alongs and headed south the day after New Year’s for the annual jazz hang.

Thursday morning was load-in and booth set-up, with an Exhibitors’ Welcome from 5:30-7:30 p.m., followed by two solid days of exhibition. Students, educators and jazz luminaries alike perused and purchased jazz books and charts from the Stanton’s booth.

We saw many friends from Columbus and around Ohio, – you know, all the Ohio jazz people head to Atlanta to see each other! – as well as publisher friends from Hal Leonard, Alfred, Kendor, and Mike Carubia of Smart Chart Music.

Musically we got to check out Kris Berg and the Metroplexity Big Band on Thursday night, hear bits of the ChiArts Jazz Sextet (these 16-17 year olds can not only play, but play with maturity!), and caught part of the rehearsal/sound check with Bob Mintzer and Jeff Coffin with the University of Kentucky saxophone ensemble. We also each got to take in a session – Ben went to Dave Liebman’s session on chromaticism in jazz playing, and Ken attended Jeff Coffin’s session on listening to classic saxophone recordings from Coleman Hawkins to Ornette Coleman.

Jeff Coffin

Other highlights included meeting Wycliffe Gordon and Victor Goines (Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra/Wynton Marsalis Septet), pianist Lynne Arriale shopping our booth, legendary bassist Bob Cranshaw (Sonny Rollins/Sesame Street) looking for a recommendation for a piano voicing book – yes, we found one for him!, talking with Gordon Goodwin about digital downloading of jazz charts and the challenges of international shipping, and Ken finally meeting saxophonist Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band/Bela Fleck & the Flecktones/the Mu’tet).

As always, the music and conference were great, exhibit traffic was solid, and if you find yourself in Atlanta, we have some tasty restaurant recommendations – check out Pittypat’s Porch and Max Lager’s!

Valentine’s Day 15 January, 2013

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away! Have you chosen your gig list, or the songs you will sing for your sweetie? Stanton’s Sheet Music has a selection of sheet music and books of love songs to meet  your needs.

The Budget Books “Love Songs” costs only $12.99, and it has  74 songs, including “Longer”, “I Just Called to Say I Love You”,  “Ribbon in the Sky”,  “You Are So Beautiful”, and more. We also have single sheets of songs like “Endless Love“, “Love Song“, “Rainbow Connection“, “The Rose“, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight“, and more.

For more information concerning these sheet music collections of love songs or other popular songs, call 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website,

Best New Concert Marches 14 January, 2013

Concert band adjudication season is just around the corner with spring concerts not far behind, and concert marches are a must for both programs!  Stanton’s band staff is excited to recommend the following titles as the best new marches for this year including Aces High from The Battle of Britain, an original circus march by Robert Sheldon, three great new arrangements by Karl King, and two lesser-known, but fantastic titles by John Philip Sousa.

Aces High, arr. Larry Daehn – Grade 3.5
Aviation history honors the flying aces of the Battle of Britain, as does this stalwart march/movie theme, splendidly executed with powerful, heroically flowing themes laced with spirited woodwind ostinati and triumphant fanfares. This arrangement is an out-of-the-ordinary must-hear!

The Stormchasers, Robert Sheldon – Grade 4
Traditional “screamers” are mostly historical icons, but this lightning-charged circus march for the 21st century carries on the bloodline magnificently, from its thundering energy, to its sweet lyrical lines, to the accelerando finale that remains crisp & controlled to the last breathless note.

Karl L. King
Imperial, arr. James Swearingen – Grade 2.5
If you’re looking for the real deal, look no further than the circus march king. Strong melodies and counterlines, bouncing 16th note rhythmic patterns, dynamic contrast, and boisterous enthusiasm –all hallmarks of King’s craft and showmanship!

Rifle Rangers, arr. Gene Milford – Grade 3
Readily readable, meticulously crafted, the beautiful songlike melodies and simple, elegant countermelodies make each facet of this march gem sparkle with delight.

Sells-Floto Triumphal, arr. Andrew Glover – Grade 4
Superbly fashioned to feature every section of the band, this melodic masterpiece, named for the turn-of-the-(20th)-century circus King conducted, is both bombastic and exquisite in its captivating musical details.

John Philip Sousa
Keeping Step with the Union, arr. Keith Brion – Grade 4
Keenly scored, wholeheartedly triumphant, undoubtedly Sousa – traits that make this little-known gem a sparkling & spirited re-discovery whose infectious charm will have audiences in step and enchanted.

Yorktown Centennial, arr. Keith Brion – Grade 4
You can’t have too much Sousa in your library, and this early gem has a distinctive, “colonial” flavor with trumpet calls, drum breaks, and fifing flutes, honoring the 100th anniversary of the end of the American Revolution.

Handbells Music for Lent and Easter 11 January, 2013

Are your ringers ready for a new challenge during the Lenten season? Try one of these excellent selections for Lent and Easter, recommended by Stanton’s handbell music specialist:

Ah Holy Jesus
Handbells 3-5 Octaves
Larson, Lloyd
Grade: 2
#HB451     $3.50
The Best of Ring And Rejoice
Handbells 2-3 Octave Collection
Grade: 2/2+
#20/1645L     $8.95
Easter Joy
Handbells 3-5 Octaves
Helman, Michael
Grade: 2
#20/1652L     $4.50
Handbells 3-5 Octaves
Krug, Jason W
Grade: 2
#20/1647L     $4.50
Meditations On The CrossMeditations On The Cross
Handbells 3-5 Octaves
Helman, Michael
Grade: 2
#20/1649L     $4.50
Dobrinski, Cynthia
Grade: 2
#1230     $4.25
Walk Through The ValleyWalk Through The Valley
Handbells 3-5 Octaves
Ingram, Bill
Grade: 2+
#20/1644L     $4.50
What Wondrous Love Is ThisWhat Wondrous Love Is This
Handbells 3-5 Octaves
Page, Anna Laura
Grade: 3
#CGB244     $3.95
For more great recommendations, contact us at 1-800-426-8742.

How Much is that Guitar in the Window? 10 January, 2013

84-1936120240Do you have a guitar you want to sell or are you looking at buying a used guitar? How do you know how much it’s worth? You’ve most likely heard of the “blue book” for used car prices – did you know there are “blue books” for guitars, as well?

We have the fourteenth editions of the “blue books” for electric guitars and for acoustic guitars.   Each book is packed with information: brand, model, year of manufacture, history of each brand, and value of each type of guitar according to condition.   If you collect guitars, sell guitars, or are curious about values of various guitars, these books would be a great help to you.

If you are interested in these books, other guitar method books or popular collections, feel free to call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or check out our website at

FREE Spring Choral Reading Session! 09 January, 2013

purple treeIt’s been a long time since those reading sessions at the end of last summer…come refresh your memory and your ears with our recommended choral music for finishing out the school year!

Saturday, March 2nd from 10-11:30

James E. Strouse Workshop Hall
Stanton’s Sheet Music
330 South Fourth St
Columbus, OH 43215

We will read selected titles for SATB, men’s and women’s ensembles appropriate for high school spring concerts and graduation. Because we will be reading music directly from our large inventory and sharing the expertise of the Stanton’s school choral staff, we are able to offer this reading session at no cost to you!

For more information, email us or call 1-800-426-8742 ex 1.

Church Reading Session – THIS SATURDAY! 08 January, 2013

Attend  Stanton’s Sacred Choral Reading Session this Saturday, January 12th, 2013, and you’ll be fully prepared for the remainder of your church choir season. We will be featuring the best new choral publications for Lent, Easter and beyond, as chosen by Stanton’s sacred choral staff. The clinic will be held in its usual place at the Battelle Fine Arts Center at Otterbein University in Westerville, OH.

Attending this clinic is a fantastic way for you to choose new church anthems for your choir by hearing the music read live. This January’s clinicians will be Stanton’s own Judy Henry and president emeritus Jim Strouse. Please feel free to contact Stanton’s at 1-800-42-MUSIC and speak with a choral staff member for the details of the event. We look forward to seeing you at 8:30 on January 12th for registration, coffee and doughnuts followed by a wonderful morning of singing!

Click here to watch video

Church Cantatas for Lent & Easter 07 January, 2013

Lead your congregation in Lenten or Easter worship with one of these dynamic cantatas!

Canticle of the Cross by Joseph Martin
Inspired by Celtic music traditions, this new work for Lent or Holy Week presents Christ’s journey to the cross. Utilizing folk songs, hymns and newly composed sacred songs, the music adorns the heart-felt message of God’s love and grace displayed in Christ’s redemptive work on Calvary. A thoughtful narration weaves the movements of the work together with Scripture, prayer and poetry, while delivering a reflective message of hope and assurance. Gentle orchestrations capture the Celtic spirit of the music in a smaller, more restrained approach in keeping with Holy Week considerations. A full line of support products is available.

Wondrous Love by Lloyd Larson
The disciple John penned these words: “This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins” (I John 4:9-10). With this incomparable love as its central theme, “Wondrous Love” recounts the earthly life and ministry of Jesus, which ultimately led Him down a path of sacrifice and death on the cross. This blending of original and familiar melodies along with poignant and scripture-based narration provides compelling rendition of the events leading to the cross. Flexibly conceived for Lent and/or Holy Week, each individual anthem may be presented during the weeks leading up to Easter, or “Wondrous Love” may be performed as a whole with or without the resurrection finale. Small and large choirs will equally appreciate Lloyd Larson’s beautiful choral writing, and accompaniments ranging from piano only or full orchestra to professionally recorded CDs offer numerous options for your unique programming needs.

For more recommendations for your choir during the upcoming Lenten and Easter season, please call us at 1.800.426.8742 or visit us online.

Top New Marches for Young Band 04 January, 2013

Marches are a staple of band performance and education, and there are a variety of great new choices available this year.  From the traditional (Hiland; Mystery Bay March) to the fun and popular (Captain America March), as well as a few original galops/circus marches and patriotic selections, there is something for everyone and every programming opportunity!

The Traditional
Hiland, arr. Larry Clark – Grade 2
Fantastic for learning traditional march style and form, Larry Clark’s arrangements of these ‘lost’ gems by Harold Bennett (a.k.a. Henry Fillmore) are regular Stanton’s Staff Selections, and have become staples of middle school bands across the country. Hiland features a circus-style quality that you can almost hear played by a Wurlitzer band organ on a carousel!

Mystery Bay March, Steve Hodges – Grade 1.5
Appropriately titled, this programmatic march evokes the chase when smugglers would mysteriously disappear in the remote waters off the coast of northwest Washington during Prohibition. This strong, rhythmic march has a mysterious, nautical sound with the flavor of “Drunken Sailor” thrown in. Mystery Bay March is a great choice for developing a strong sense of rhythm, and differentiating between tonguing and slurring.

From the Silver Screen
Captain America March, arr. Paul Murtha – Grade 2
Get your students to ‘eat their broccoli’ and enjoy it! Perfect for teaching many of the elements of march style with a cool film score sound, Alan Silvestri’s bold, patriotic and memorable theme from Captain America: The First Avenger works as a pops piece and a concert march. Paul Murtha’s fantastic arrangement features full, mature scoring, majestic rhythmic drive, and plenty of material for every section of the band! Sure to be a hit with both your students and audience!!

Under the Big Top!
Grand Galop, Johnnie Vinson – Grade 2
This Johnnie Vinson original is brisk right out of the gate! Full of dynamic phrasing, style and tonguing, this one will challenge your band’s tempo and lightness. Can your percussionists keep it going? With limited rhythmic and technical demands, this is a great introduction to the style, and features a melody with a slight fight-song quality.

Thrills and Trills, Scott Watson – Grade 2
An original march, Thrills and Trills features, you guessed it, trills and a whole lot more – whip cracks, trombone smears, and rhythmic, tone-cluster interjections! Although very traditional in form, everyone is in on the fun as call and response figures pass throughout the entire band. A great choice for developing march style and instilling confidence throughout your entire group! For added fun, try pushing the tempo into ‘screamer’ territory – even if it’s just in rehearsal, your students will enjoy the challenge!

Vivo! Galop, arr. Andrew Glover – Grade 2
Arranged by march master Andrew Glover, limited technical demands make Vivo very accessible, but without sacrificing any of the style and fun of the original. Features the woodwinds at the beginning of the break strain, and a raucous shout section where the whole band can let it rip!

Salute America
Brighton Camp, Randall D. Standridge – Grade 2+
Using the familiar folk songs Brighton Camp, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, and The Cruel War as a basis, Randall Standridge has created a unique concert march with a built in American history lesson. Perfect to pay tribute to the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, this arrangement works as a patriotic concert selection, march, and as an interesting choice for contest. Its light style, legato vs. staccato rhythms, and section independence will advance your band’s musicianship, and the layering of the various melodies puts this arrangement over the top!

Hail America, arr. Andrew Glover – Grade 2
Featuring America the Beautiful and America (My Country, ’tis of Thee) along with snippets of other patriotic favorites, Hail America is well-suited for teaching march style to developing bands, and is perfect as a patriotic programming selection!

To the Colors, Ronald C. Knoener – Grade 2.5
Written in the style of a U.S. Civil War marching song, this enjoyable patriotic march features the historic flag-raising bugle call To the Colors. The lightness of style and battery percussion enhances the character and reverence of this march. Open a concert or patriotic program by processing the colors in to this fantastic, respectful work followed by the Star-Spangled Banner!

Church Cantatas for Lent & Easter 04 January, 2013

Creating Artistry 03 January, 2013

“Creating Artistry Through Movement in the Maturing Male Voice” is an amazing choral resource that demonstrates how movement while singing helps to harness the natural kinesthetic learning processes in males. Featuring the acclaimed St. Mary’s International School Varsity Ensemble, conducted by Randy Stenson, the DVD includes warm-ups and exercises to improve tone, intonation, phrasing articulation, special vocal effects, head voice and vocal agility. Through these exercises, the singer develops his own individualized shaping gesture, which leads to improved musicality during rehearsal, versatility and expressiveness. The companion book includes the notated exercises, additional instructional material, suggested seating charts, learning strategies and much more.

For more DVD resources to enhance your teaching, check out the DVD portion of our website or contact us for suggestions!

Tuning for Wind Instruments 02 January, 2013

Band Directors – are you struggling with intonation with your bands? Do you have limited knowledge of the tuning idiosyncrasies of certain instruments? Have you been looking for a resource to help fine-tune your ensembles? Do you know what a “flarp” is?

Look no more! The most complete intonation resource for band directors has just come off the press, and should be in every band directors library! It is called Tuning for Wind Instruments – A Roadmap to Successful Intonation by Shelley Jagow. It contains everything a music educator requires to approach fine-tuning intonation with their ensemble:

Tuning for Wind Instruments-Extensively researched, color-coded fingering charts for every instrument
-Alternate fingerings for better intonation on all instruments
-Individual instrument pitch tendencies
-The best tuning notes for each instrument
-How to properly tune brass slides
-14 steps for Tuning Chords
-Calculate the proper harmonic ratio for fine-tuning chords
-Learn the origin of our pitch tuning standard
-Understand when to apply equal tempered vs just tempered tuning
-Improve your knowledge with over 70 tuning truths and myths

And find out that “flarp” is slang for a pitch tendency that can be either sharp or flat, or so out-of-tune it is difficult to tell what the pitch direction is!

Happy 2013! 01 January, 2013

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