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It’s Spring! 29 March, 2013

00312549Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where them flowers iz!  Are you one of those people whose green thumbs are itching for the soil, already?  Is John Denver’s “The Garden Song” already ringing in your head, but you can’t quite remember all the words?   That song is in the John Denver Anthology, along with 53 other great John Denver songs.  If you are in the mood for spring songs, how about The Big Book of Folk Songs?  “Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)”,” And the Green Grass Grows All Around”,  “Country Gardens”, and more are in this collection of sheet music.  There are the Beatles songs, “Here Comes the Sun”  and “Good Day Sunshine”, both in a book called Beatles Ballads.  New music always makes people happy.  So does singing old favorites you’d forgotten about. For more information about these collections or others, please contact us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or check out our website, Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs.

The Bluegrass Songbook 28 March, 2013

The Bluegrass Songbook is full of 51 classic Bluegrass songs, from “The Ballad of Jed Clampett” (Beverly Hillbillies theme),00312317 to “The Wabash Cannonball“.  The words, piano part, and guitar chords are all there for each song in this book of sheet music. The lovely song, “The Long Black Veil”  is included, as is the encouraging song “Keep On the Sunny Side“.   This is  a great songbook for a singalong or jam session. For more information about this collection of Bluegrass songs or others, please contact us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website.  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Stanton’s August Church Clinic 27 March, 2013

After Holy Week is done and you’ve had time to take a breath, make sure you’re ready for the next church season with our August Sacred Choral Reading Session!

Stanton’s is pleased to welcome back Mary McDonald as our clinician for the August Church Choral Music reading session! Mary McDonald’s music and talents have blessed choirs and congregations across the country for nearly thirty years.
Mary is a well-known composer of more than 700 choral anthems, many seasonal cantatas, and keyboard collections. She previously served as a sacred music editor for a major publishing company and continues to serve in editorial consultant role for The Lorenz Corporation in Dayton, Ohio. She is published with every major publisher of church music and has had numerous top-selling anthems. Her unique blend of heart, hands, and humor, combined with a wide range of writing and performing styles, keep her in constant demand as a keyboard artist and keyboard and choral clinician.
McDonald_Mary_RGBOne of Mary’s greatest joys has been serving as accompanist for the Tennessee Men’s Chorale since 1985. In 2000, Mary served as the first woman President of the Southern Baptist Church Music Conference. She was recent recipient of second-place in the John Ness Beck Foundation composition award and is a member of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Your registration includes a packet of over 40 new choral anthems that are hand-picked from the hundreds published each year. We look forward to seeing you on August 10th for a wonderful morning of singing with one of the nation’s most sought after church music experts.

Sacred Choral Reading Session
Saturday 8/10/2013, 9:00 am-12:30 pm
Battelle Fine Arts Center, Otterbein University
195 West Park St., Westerville OH 43081
Cost: $20.00 (There is no pre-registration; you may register the day of the clinic beginning at 8:30.)
email our choral department for more details

Sacred Piano Reading Session
- Also featuring Mary McDonald
Saturday 8/10/2013, 2:00 pm-4:30 pm
Stanton’s Sheet Music,
330 South 4th St., Columbus OH 43215
Cost: Free!
email our keyboard department for more details

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Vintage Vinyl: New Arrangements of Classic Pop and Jazz for Band 26 March, 2013

When you consider your options for programming pop music titles this spring, remember there is a wealth of classic pop and jazz available in quality arrangements for your concert band. If your students aren’t already familiar with these timeless hits, it’s YOUR job to educate them:

Best of Chicago
arr. Paul Murtha, Grade 2
The early hits by supergroup Chicago were remarkable for their driving rock style combined with a distinctive and integral use of horns. Here’s a fast-paced and dynamic medley for young players that includes the familiar tunes Make Me Smile, Saturday in the Park, and 25 or 6 to 4.

Can’t Help Falling in Love
arr. James Swearingen, Grade 3
Elvis’ classic hit finds inspired life in this romantic ballad beautifully scored to feature your best alto saxophonist.

Come Fly with Me
arr. Paul Murtha, Grade 3
Written for Frank Sinatra and the title track of his 1958 album, this wonderful big band-style arrangement remains masterfully true to the original recording. Perfect for pop, summer, or community band concerts!

Legends of Jazz
arr. Stephen Bulla, Grade 4
Learning opportunities just seem to go hand-in-hand with this outstanding medley of milestones in American jazz, each a classic in its own style: Boplicity (Miles Davis), ‘Round Midnight (Thelonious Monk) and In a Mellow Tone (Duke Ellington).

Moon River
Henry Mancini/arr. Michael Brown, Grade 3
From the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Henry Mancini’s iconic ballad has been recorded by countless artists over the years. Arranged as a flexible solo vehicle for vocalist or instrumentalist, this finely crafted setting will certainly add a special moment to any concert.

A Night in Tunisia
arr. Paul Murtha, Grade 3
Authentic, newly inspired treatment of Dizzy Gillespie’s Afro-Cuban groundbreaker features your saxophone section as it deftly shifts between swing and Latin styles, and sizzles with rich jazz flavors.

Rock, Roll, and Remember (A Tribute to Dick Clark)
arr. Ted Ricketts, Grade 3
Since the 1950s, the name Dick Clark has been synonymous with the hottest names in popular music. Appearing on his long-standing series American Bandstand was a hit parade of trend-setting artists. Here is a fun, fast-paced medley of some of the signature moments from the Dick Clark era: Bandstand Boogie, Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley), The Twist (Chubby Checker), Don’t Worry Baby (The Beach Boys), Light My Fire (The Doors), Rockin’ Robin (The Jackson Five), and YMCA (The Village People). Also included is an optional tag on Auld Lang Syne , remembering many years of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.”

The Rolling Stones on Tour
arr. Patrick Roszell, Grade 3
The legendary Rolling Stones are celebrating their 50th anniversary, so why not celebrate with them? This arrangement, approached in a straight-ahead rock fashion, combines the dramatic Paint It, Black, the beautiful Ruby Tuesday, and the rocking (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction into a tour de force for your concert band.

For more great suggestions for your concert band, contact Stanton’s band department. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Rachel Barton Pine 25 March, 2013

Rachel Barton Pine has lent her expertise as an eclectic, virtuoso violin performer and teacher to several new books for serious violinists.   New Carl Fischer editions of the Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies, Book 1 and Book 2  selected and arranged in progressive order by K. H. Aiqouni, have been thoroughly reworked by Ms. Pine.  Each book also includes a DVD/MP3 disc with video and audio of her playing every etude.  These volumes replace the old Carl Fischer editions of the Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies.

She has also written a heart-felt foreword to the new violin etude book by her former teacher, Roland Vamos, called Exercises for the Violin in Various Combinations of Double-Stops.   These three books join her challenging collection of original compositions, arrangements, cadenzas and editions for violin simply called The Rachel Barton Pine Collection.

Read detailed descriptions of all these products on our sheet music website, or contact our orchestra department for more information.

Guitar Class Ensembles 22 March, 2013

This group of books from Hal Leonard’s Essential Elements Guitar Ensembles is perfect for your guitar class, beginning at the mid-beginner level, and going up to the mid intermediate level. As long as all three parts are covered, any number of players can participate. These are great fun if you have 2 more guitar buddies who want to play ensembles, too.

Each book includes the score with all three parts, and has 14-15 songs per book.  Each book of sheet music costs $9.99, so each trio costs only sixty- six cents!  There is a melody part, a harmony part, and a bass line written for the regular six string guitar.  There are several styles of music to choose from:  pop, rock, jazz, and even Disney!

If you would like to know more about these or any other sheet music we have, feel free to contact us at 1-800.42-MUSIC or at

Concert Bands Assemble! Superhero Arrangements for Band 21 March, 2013

Want to be a hero to your students this spring?
Program one of these exciting arrangements featuring some of our favorite “good guys.” They are sure to engage your students, delight your audiences and still offer the educational elements and challenges that are important for strengthening your musicians!

The Avengers
Alan Silvestri, arr. Michael Brown
Grade 3

Marvel’s “The Avengers” are here and more popular (and powerful) than ever! Alan Silvestri’s main theme perfectly portrays the drama and grit of the film, and Michael Brown skillfully brings this energy and excitement to the concert stage.
Avengers Assemble!

The Dark Knight Rises
Hans Zimmer, arr. Ralph Ford
Grade 3.5

Poignant with bold striking musical punctuation, this comprehensive medley recreates chilling musical moments from the intense finale to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Includes “Rise,” “On Thin Ice,” and “Imagine the Fire.”

Selections from Batman: Arkham City
arr. Michael Story
Grade 2

From the acclaimed video game soundtrack, Batman: Arkham City includes three prominent, yet contrasting themes. This through-played medley is certain to energize players and audiences alike. Game on!

For more quality, pop arrangements for your concert band, check our previous blogs with Music of Adele, Music from the Hunger Games, and Modern Pop Hit for Concert Band. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Music joke-o-the-month… 20 March, 2013

A professional orchestra committee was discussing repertoire for the upcoming season, and The Lt. Kiji Suite by Prokofiev was mentioned as a possibility.  The conductor was reluctant to program it because they would have to hire a saxophonist for the concert, and he just didn’t trust saxophone players.  After all, they played music in smoky night clubs, probably dabbled in drinking and drugs and their reliability seemed questionable since they stereotypically seemed to have a rather flippant “jazz attitude.”  The Personnel Director assured the conductor that he could find a reputable saxophone player that would be satisfactory, so it was agreed that they would program the piece.

At the first rehearsal for Lt. Kiji, the conductor was impressed that the saxophonist who had been hired was there before anyone else, waiting patiently while reading a music business periodical.  When it came time to play his part, he did it flawlessly, and added a level of musicality to the orchestra that they rarely exhibited.  Every rehearsal was the same, and the conductor’s respect for saxophonists and jazz players in general increased with every run-through.

After the dress rehearsal, the conductor happened to run into the saxophone player in the hallway backstage.  The conductor took the opportunity to thank the saxophonist for his professional posture and immense talent, adding that he had been admittedly reluctant to hire someone of the jazz ilk, but his worries had been eliminated by the excellent work ethic that had been exhibited.

The saxophonist replied, “Thanks, man!  I ‘preciate it.  By the way, I can’t make the gig, but I’ve got a sub coming!”

Music of Adele for Concert Band 19 March, 2013

No pop artist is currently more universally popular or successful than Adele.  Her second studio album, 21, was the biggest selling musical release for both 2011 and 2012.  It featured three #1 hits, spent 24 weeks at #1 in the U.S. – the first album to do so since 1985, and has sold over 26 million copies through 2012!  The #1 single Rolling in the Deep is the fourth song in history to win Grammy awards for both Record of the Year and Song of the Year in the same year, and with over 7,600,000 copies sold, it is the highest selling digital song by a female artist in the U.S., and the second-highest overall.  Add to that an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song for Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie theme which she both co-wrote and performed, and you have an artist riding the crest of success.  There are several Adele hits available for concert band that are perfect for spring concert programming and community bands, and are sure to be a hit with your students and audience!

Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs.

Adele in Concert
arr. Michael Brown
Grade 3
Certified Diamond with over 10 million copies sold, Adele’s second studio release 21, topped the charts in 30 countries, including spending 24 weeks at #1 in the U.S. – the first album to do so since 1985!  Michael Brown’s great-sounding arrangement features all three #1 singles from the album: Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, and Set Fire to the Rain.

Rolling in the Deep
arr. Robert Longfield – Grade 1.5
arr. James Kazik – Grade 2
Winning 3 Grammy awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Short Form Music Video, hit single Rolling in the Deep from the album 21 by Adele is the biggest crossover hit in the U.S. from the past 25 years!  Spending 65 weeks on the charts, your students will love the opportunity to play this hit that Adele describes as a “dark, bluesy gospel disco tune.”

arr. Jay Bocook
Grade 3
The theme to the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall was co-written and performed by popular British singer-songwriter, Adele.  Featuring musical characteristics of previous Bond movie themes with hints of THE James Bond Theme thrown in for good measure, Skyfall won both an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.  Faithful to the original, Jay Bocook’s arrangement for band is sure to spark your students, and be a hit with your audience!

2013 Elementary General Music Clinic! 18 March, 2013

gm logoElementary General Music Clinic
Wednesday 7/31/2013,  9:00 am-12:30 pm
Columbia Heights UMC
Stanton’s Sheet Music is excited to welcome back Cristi Cary Miller as our clinician for the 31st edition of our Elementary General Music Clinic. This is one of Stanton’s longest running and most successful clinics, showcasing the best new teacher resources, song collections, games, musicals and more! We are sure that you will find materials that will keep you and your students interested throughout the year. Get your school year started on the right foot!

Music from The Hunger Games for Band 15 March, 2013

With an initial print run of 200,000 copies, no one knew the success on the horizon for Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games.  The initial title in the trilogy has sold over 1 million copies, been translated into 26 languages with publishing rights secured in 38 territories, and has resulted in a 2012 feature film co-written and co-directed by Collins herself.  The books and movies are popular across all age groups, and there are several arrangements perfect for spring concert programming featuring James Newton Howard’s haunting score and soundtrack hits by popular crossover artist Taylor Swift.

Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Film Score Arrangements

Music from The Hunger Games
James Newton Howard, arr. Michael Brown
Grade 2
The Hunger Games has been popular with teens, tweens, and adults, and themes from James Newton Howard’s hauntingly beautiful film score have been arranged for developing band. Legato phrasing, articulation, dynamics, expression, some 16th note patterns, and a memorable theme make this powerful work great for teaching while keeping ranges accessible. With many interesting sounds and textures, film scores are fun to play, and provide great entry points into symphonic music.

Soundtrack Highlights from The Hunger Games
James Newton Howard, arr. Jay Bocook
Grade 3
The film score of James Newton Howard effectively captures the mood and drama of the blockbuster movie The Hunger Games. In this masterful adaptation for band, Jay Bocook showcases the highlights from the score including a distinctive treatment of the haunting Mockingjay call.

Hit Songs from the Soundtrack

Eyes Open
arr. James Kazik
Grade 2
From singing superstar Taylor Swift comes this hit song from the blockbuster movie The Hunger Games. This version for young players stays true to the original light rock style and will go together quickly with limited rehearsal.

Safe & Sound
arr. James Kazik
Grade 2
Featured on the soundtrack to The Hunger Games, Safe & Sound is a mysterious, haunting hit song recorded by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars.

Stanton’s Super Session 2013! 14 March, 2013

ss logoStanton’s Super Session
Saturday 8/3/2013, 9:00 am-4:00 pm
at Stanton’s Sheet Music, 330 S. Fourth St, 43215
REGISTRATION: $55.00 (includes lunch)

Do you need to put a little “spark” in your choral program? Is there just too much new music out there for you to review? Join us for a fun, enriching day of music education with Andy Beck, Greg Gilpin, and Stanton’s own Jen Sper featuring music from Alfred Publications, Shawnee Press and many other choral publishers. Nowhere else will you find such a variety of new choral selections and teaching resources to inspire and motivate you and your students as you begin the school year.

Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

“A Cappella Pop” 13 March, 2013

A cappella pop singing…it’s the hottest trend in the nation! In A Cappella Pop: The Complete Guide to Contemporary A Cappella Singing, you’ll find the tools to challenge your top high school and collegiate-age singers. With a foreword by Deke Sharon, topics include: forming your ensemble, music selection, rehearsal techniques, sound reinforcement, vocal percussion, and much more! Author Brody McDonald’s award-winning ensemble, Eleventh Hour, was the first high school group to appear on NBC’s “The Sing-Off,” so he’s a wonderful resource on the topic!

Find more contemporary a cappella resources on our website, and shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Modern Pop Hits for Concert Band 12 March, 2013

Our second post highlighting music for spring concerts features arrangements of current pop hits for concert band.  After working on standard band repertoire and works for large group adjudication, most band directors like to give their students something familiar and fun.  This helps maintain their interest – many of us ended up playing music because of pop and rock songs anyway, and often features rhythms and styles in the more advanced arrangements that are challenging to read and interpret.  Ranging from Maroon 5 and Psy to Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, and fun, there is a smattering of something for everyone, and if modern pop isn’t your thing, we’ll be featuring more movie and T.V. titles, as well as new classic rock, pop, and jazz arrangements in upcoming posts, so keep reading!

For more great pop ideas, check out the Pop, Patriotic, & Novelty heading on our concert band page, as well as the Top 40 and Rock Classics categories in our Listening Library!

Gangnam Style
arr. Michael Brown              Grade 3
Recorded by South Korean rapper Psy, this stylized smash hit has taken pop culture by storm with a viral video (over 878 million views!), TV appearances, parodies, and even flash mobs!

Moves Like Jagger
arr. James Kazik                    Grade 2
This catchy hit recorded by Maroon 5 with Christina Aguilera is both tuneful and upbeat. With the melodic lines passed from section to section, this is sure to be fun for the entire band.

Party Dance Mix
arr. Paul Murtha                   Grade 3
From the iTunes hit list to the dance floor, this upbeat medley features three of the hottest dance hits today: Moves Like Jagger, Good Time, and Party Rock Anthem.

Party Rock Anthem
arr. Paul Murtha                   Grade 1.5
arr. Michael Brown              Grade 2
Featuring a catchy melodic riff and plenty of energy, this #1 hit is available for both beginning and developing bands.

Runaway Baby
arr. Paul Murtha                   Grade 3
Featuring a tuneful melody, well-constructed form, and an energetic pulse, this song by contemporary hit-maker Bruno Mars adapts quite well for band in this entertaining and dynamic arrangement from Paul Murtha.

Teenage Dream/Super Bass
arr. Victor Lopez                   Grade 2
Two of the biggest hits by two of today’s most popular female artists, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, in an arrangement perfect for developing bands by Victor Lopez.

We Are Young
arr. Michael Story                Grade 1
Described as a power ballad with indie pop and alternative rock influences, this hot chart by the band fun has been featured on Glee. Opening with the drum introduction that is on the CD track, your beginners will sound huge with this energetic pop melody.

The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey 11 March, 2013

00-40315The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey“, which was released in December of 2012, is still playing in some theaters around town.  The music, composed by Howard Shore, is still playing on CD players in living rooms around town.  Some of us are still sort of humming parts of “Misty Mountains” or “Song of the Lonely Mountain“, the music for both written by a team; Finn, Donaldson, Long, Roche and Roddick.  This movie, the first of three parts, is based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s book, which he wrote in 1937.  Obviously, the tale of Bilbo Baggins and friends is an enduring one.  This new music, composed to help tell an old tale, will endure, as well.  “Misty Mountains”, a poem written by Tolkien for the book, is given melody for perhaps the first time.  “An Unexpected Party” is properly bright and merry.  “Dreaming of Bag End” sounds so longing, just like feeling homesick.  These and other pieces from the movie have been written on three levels; intermediate to advanced, easy, and big note (just one step easier than “easy”).  Now is the time to get these lovely melodies under your fingers!  For more information about these books of movie sheet music, or other movie selections, please call 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or check out our website at

Stay tuned for “The Desolation of Smaug”. ( Due out in December of 2013.) We saw Smaug open one eye after the thrush “knocked three times.” What musical treats will there be for us in the next installment?  Smaug has to have his own theme!  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

2013 Excellence in Choral Literature Clinic 08 March, 2013

Stanton’s Sheet Music is pleased to announce our 20th annual Excellence in Choral Literature Clinic on Saturday August 24, 2013! This session was designed to help you select concert and contest literature from some of choral music’s most distinguished composers, featuring the best in new music for mixed, treble, and men’s choirs at all levels of difficulty. Registration fee includes a complimentary packet of over 30 titles. Come join us to discover beautiful music and share ideas with colleagues and friends! For more information, please check out our video below, contact us by email, or call us at 1.800.426.8742.

Click here to watch video

How To Play Classical Guitar 07 March, 2013

Sometimes there is just not enough time to do everything you want to do.  Taking music lessons can be one of those things.  “You Canmelbay-95119-f Teach Yourself Classic Guitar” is a good book to use to help you learn a new style of guitar playing.   Fingerpicking in classical style is covered; rhythms, scales,  and arpeggios are also covered.  The songs and exercises is this book were written for the classical guitar by players and composers such as Fernando Sor, Carulli, and Carcassi.   A second book , “Fifty Easy Classical Guitar Pieces” , is a collection of beginning classical guitar pieces that were written by those same composers, plus a few more.  A CD is included with this book, which can be helpful in deciding the tempo to play a piece at, or checking  what some rhythms should sound like.  For more information about these or other classical guitar books, call 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website at

Women Composers for Piano 06 March, 2013

 ”Women Composers in History” is a collection of piano works by women who were, and sometimes still are, influential in the world of piano music.  There are more female composers of piano music than we may think.  This collection of piano pieces presents works by eight women composers, all born in the nineteenth century.  All of the women began piano lessons at around four years of age, and began composing at a young age, between four and nine years old. All these women continued to be active in music for a lifetime. Fanny Mendelssohn wrote her own wedding music the night she was engaged.  Amy Beach had to wait until she was a widow before she could pursue her music career on a public level. Clara Schumann held the position of principal piano teacher of the Frankfurt Hochschen Conservatory from 1878-1892. Teresa Carreno 00103146played for Abraham Lincoln at the White House when she was only ten years old.  She went on to become a piano teacher, and  Edward MacDowell was one of her students.  A one paragraph biography is given for each composer.  As you read these short biographies, it will amaze you how intertwined the lives of the pianists and composers were.

Do You Hear the People Play? Les Miserables Arrangements for Band 05 March, 2013

Spring Concert season is upon us and our upcoming concert band posts will feature arrangements perfect for spring programming – pop, rock, jazz, movies, and television.  What better way to start than with the Oscar Award-winning Les Miserables!

Featuring some of the most well-known songs to come from Broadway in the last couple of decades, Les Miserables is more operetta than musical.  Boasting a 16-year original run with over 6,600 performances and winning multiple Tony Awards, Les Miserables has found a whole new audience with the 2012 feature film starring Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, and Russell Crowe!  There are a number of fantastic concert band medleys and individual arrangements of familiar songs from the show allowing them to be introduced to bands of all levels.  The show is also touring via Broadway Across America, and will be running at Columbus’ Ohio Theatre May 14-19.

Bring Him Home
arr. John Moss     Grade 2
The striking, sensitive ballad from the ever-popular Les Miserables enjoys renewed popularity with the 2012 feature film.  John Moss’ arrangement is perfect for ensemble playing within developing bands.

I Dreamed a Dream
arr. Robert Longfield           Grade 1.5
The beautiful, well-known ballad from Les Miserables has enjoyed ongoing popularity thanks to the long-running musical, Susan Boyle’s unexpectedly stunning rendition, Glee, and the 2012 film.  Robert Longfield’s adept arrangement makes this popular work accessible to very young players.

I Dreamed a Dream
arr. Michael Brown              Grade 3
Michael Brown’s arrangement of the popular ballad is sure to be a showstopper featuring solo vocalist, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, or F horn.

Les Miserables
arr. Johnnie Vinson              Grade 3
Ideal for high school spring concerts or community bands, Johnnie Vinson’s solid, yet accessible arrangement features some of the most memorable songs from this popular, long-running musical including: At the End of the Day, I Dreamed a Dream, Master of the House, Do You Hear the People Sing?, and On My Own.

Music from Les Miserables
arr. Michael Sweeney          Grade 2
Several of the most well-known songs from this popular show are arranged with well-paced transitions for developing bands by Michael Sweeney: Work Song, I Dreamed a Dream, Master of the House, and Do You Hear the People Sing?.

Selections from Les Miserables
arr. Warren Barker                Grade 4
Long the ‘go-to’ arrangement for high school and community bands, Warren Barker’s masterful medley captures the depth and power of the original music.  Includes: At the End of the Day, I Dreamed a Dream, Master of the House, On My Own, and Do You Hear the People Sing?.

2013 “John Jacobson Workshop” and “Joy of Singing” 04 March, 2013

Stanton’s is pleased to invite you to our 2013 “John Jacobson Workshop” on August 1st and “Joy of Singing” on August 2nd – two full days of the best new music from Hal Leonard!

logo JJWJohn Jacobson Workshop
Thursday 8/1/2013, 9:00 am-4:00 pm
Columbia Heights UMC
REGISTRATION: $60.00 teacher/$40.00 student, Both fees include lunch
Wear your comfy clothes and tennis shoes because you’re gonna get a workout! Recharge your battery, renew your enthusiasm and review the best new titles for show choir with the master of choreography, John Jacobson and special guest, Cristi Cary Miller. You will receive all the music and choreography notes for at least 20 complete routines. (Students attending this session will not receive a music packet. )

logo JOSJoy of Singing
Friday 8/2/2013, 9:00 am-4:00 pm
Columbia Heights UMC
REGISTRATION: $50.00 (includes lunch)
Stanton’s has hosted this session for almost 30 years! Music for all levels of choral ensembles – elementary through adult – will be presented by clinicians Mark Brymer, Mac Huff, John Jacobson and Cristi Cary Miller. Each director will receive a packet of new music valued at over $150.00 containing arrangements suitable for both school and community choirs. You’ll have ample time to browse Stanton’s on-site store and chat with the clinicians throughout the day.

Register now online, or contact us at 1-800-426-8742 or for more information.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 01 March, 2013

leon-00311322-fAs musicians, we get started early.  So March first isn’t too early to get ready for Saint Patrick’s Day on the 17th.  One book we have to offer is for easy piano, “Ireland’s Best Loved Songs and Ballads“.  It has twenty Irish songs in it, including the perrenial favorite  ”Danny Boy”.  A book in piano/vocal/guitar format is  ”Irish Ballads“, fifty-five songs including “Danny Boy”, “Carrickfergus”,  and   “The Minstrel Boy” .  “The Irish Songbook“  is a collection of seventy-five songs, collected and made popular by The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, a well-known Irish band.  It includes the lovely  song “Eileen Aroon”, the silly song “Mr. Moses Ri-Tooral-i-ay” , the sailor’s song  ”Paddy Doyle’s Boots” , the war  protest song “The Lowlands of Holland”, love songs, and many more.  For more information on these Irish song books or other songbooks you may be interested in, call 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website at