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In Tribute & Remembrance: New Concert Band Repertoire Thursday, October 24, 2013

Concert works that create an atmosphere of reflection, capture moments in history, or draw on past memories provide poignancy and moments of powerful programming.  Our second feature of new titles for high school concert band moves from remembering the simplicity of childhood, to the joy and kindness of the human spirit, to moments of loss and inspiration, including a tribute to President John F. Kennedy.  Visit our Stanton’s Staff Selections category for more concert band sheet music recommendations from our staff.

Ask Not: A Musical Tribute to JFK

James Swearingen
Grade 3
A glimpse of American history is unveiled in this stunning work that musically reflects the life and times of our 35th President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.   Through the use of a narrator, a wealth of information is provided that the audience will find fascinating and informative, bringing music and history together to create an educational and inspirational event.

A Childhood Remembered
Rossano Galante
Grade 4
This light, lyrical composition captures youth and innocence through the eyes of a child. Playful melodic lines interspersed with more lyrical, lush sonorities will take audiences back to that simple time of their own childhood.

Commemoration Overture
Robert Sheldon
Grade 3
Fanfares and majestic themes provide a noble character to this commemorative piece, while soaring lines and heartfelt harmonies lend moments of lyricism.

Endless Rainbows
Brian Balmages
Grade 3
This heartfelt, lyrical work juxtaposes the theme of loss with an ever-present sense of uplifting joy. Very cinematic in nature, this emotional rollercoaster moves through passages of solitude and tranquility into moments of epic power from darkness into light. It seeks to epitomize an endless rainbow that will forever illuminate the skies as far as the eye can see.

A Kind and Gentle Soul
James Swearingen
Grade 3
Yet another powerful and expressive composition from the pen of this gifted composer.  Highly reflective in nature, this emotional work is scored to evoke the many lives touched by acts of kindness, and the wish that they could be the norm rather than the exception.

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