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Fun New Disney Titles for Band Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In addition to arrangements from Frozen, there are a few other new Disney arrangements for band this year.  From the popular animated movie Planes is an arrangement by Michael Brown highlighting the orchestral score, and two new arrangements for young bands featuring music from Disney park attractions – Grim Grinning Ghosts from The Haunted Mansion (this arrangement is spot-on), and One Little Spark from Journey into Imagination at EPCOT.  These will be fun additions to your spring concert, especially for any students that have been to the Disney parks!

Grim Grinning Ghosts
arr. Douglas E. Wagner
Grade 2
Featuring graveyard wailings and clattering bones, this spooky musical adventure is a delight to play and frightful to listen to. This theme from the The Haunted Mansion attraction at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World will chill the spines of all within earshot.

One Little Spark
arr. Douglas E. Wagner
Grade 1
Journey into Imagination with Figment, the adorable and oftentimes mischievous purple dragon, is a ride exploring the 5 senses in the Imagination! pavilion at Disney’s EPCOT theme park in Orlando, Florida. Riders are accompanied by the verses of One Little Spark, one of the many amazing musical collaborations of the Sherman brothers.

Highlights from Planes
arr. Michael Brown
Grade 3
For the Disney animated film Planes, composer Mark Mancina created an outstanding orchestral score filled with power and depth. Michael Brown’s skillful adaptation for young band brings all the majestic qualities of the original to the concert stage.

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