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Songs of Protest Wednesday, September 06, 2017

00198180-wlSongs of Protest is a collection of twenty-six songs in Piano/Vocal/Guitar format, written between 1939 and 2004 to protest war, racial inequality, and to beg for peace. For high school contemporary history classes, this can be useful and thought provoking; for older generations, it is a collection of youthful memories.

People were writing and singing these songs in the face of official opposition (We Shall Overcome). There were songs of mourning and protest against racial prejudice (Strange Fruit). There was so much unrest that some people were very unsure of the outcome (Eve of Destruction). Some songs sounded sweet, yet delivered a poignant message (Where Have All the Flowers Gone?). These songs are well worth revisiting, and many of them still deliver a powerful message for current times.

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