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Benjamin Britten 11/22/1913-12/4/1976 Monday, November 22, 2010

Music for me is clarification; I try to clarify, to refine, to sensitize… My technique is to tear all the waste away; to achieve perfect clarity of expression, that is my aim.
—Benjamin Britten

Today, we celebrate the birthday of 20th century composer, Benjamin Britten. Britten's craftsmanship and versatility produced works for every genre, from large-scale symphonic scores to songs and choral works. Recurring themes include conflicts between the outsider and society, innocence and experience, moral good and lurking evil, beauty and passion. (from

If you are looking to share Britten's versatility and passion with your ensembles, try Ceremony of Carols with your choir or The Salley Gardens with your orchestra. Introduce Britten's genius to your elementary students with A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra—Teaching Strategies by Wesley Ball.

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