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New From Hal Leonard-Online Audio! 21 January, 2015


Plenty of love someonesheet music books still come with CDs, but here at Stanton’s  we are beginning to see something new from Hal Leonard called “Online Audio”.  Leonard has started to include “Online Audio” with pop sheets, too, beginning with “Love Someone“, by Jason Mraz.   What is it?   It’s a downloadable sound file.    How does it work?   Leonard has MyLibrary, which you access through the instructions on the inside of your book. Your music will include a sixteen digit  access code which you enter. Each copy of a book or sheet has a unique code.  The library is cloud based, so you can access it from anywhere with a PC, MAC, or mobile device.  More information about this new option can be found at  For more information about new pop sheets or music books, contact us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website.  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

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love someonePlenty of sheet music books still come with CDs, but here at Stanton’s  we are beginning to see something new from Hal Leonard called “Online Audio”.  Leonard has started to include “Online Audio” with pop sheets, too, beginning with “Love Someone”, by Jason Mraz.   What is it?   It’s a downloadable sound file.    How does it work?   Leonard has MyLibrary, which you access through the instructions on the inside of your book. Your music will include a sixteen digit  access code which you enter. Each copy of a book or sheet has a unique code.  The library is cloud based, so you can access it from anywhere with a PC, MAC, or mobile device.  More information about this new option can be found at  For more information about new pop sheets or music books, contact us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website at …

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Pertinent Professional Development 21 October, 2014

by Jen Sper and Ken Tilger, School Music Specialists

IMG_0809Professional development days/sessions can be of great benefit to educators – IF they are relevant and applicable to your subject area! We were honored to be invited to present sessions at the Fine Arts Professional Development Day through the Tri-County Educational Service Center in Wooster, Ohio on October 17. Music teachers from Ashland, Wayne and Holmes counties gathered at the Wayne Center for the Arts for a full day of arts-related professional development sessions – a great opportunity to both learn from outside presenters and network with other nearby music educators!

With numerous new options for band warm-up/technique and beginning band, Ken’s session for band and orchestra directors highlighted books from publishers including Alfred (Sound Innovations; S.I. Ensemble Development), Hal Leonard (Essential Elements Interactive), FJH (Measures of Success; Warm-Ups and Beyond), Kjos (Tradition of Excellence; Technique & Musicianship), and Focus On Music (Scale & Rhythm Chunks). Online resources through the Stanton’s website were explored (Jukebox, Listening Library, mobile app, etc.), as well as sharing the Top 10 New Titles for Band for 2014-2015 using a custom playlist created through the Stanton’s Jukebox.

Jen presented a reading session for the choral directors in attendance, featuring new concert, festival and holiday literature for middle school and high school ensembles. A couple of brave sight-readers even served as accompanists! Many titles included were specially selected as quality options for OMEA Adjudicated Event performances, or are new additions to the required repertoire lists. Also discussed were recent changes to the required lists, and how these changes affect teacher’s programming and budgeting options.

IMG_0812On the way back, IMG_0813a stop at Grandpa’s Cheesebarn in Ashland was a requirement (we gotta eat, right?). One of Jen’s favorite stops on her way back and forth to college, Ken had never been before – and it’s a lot to take in! Much cheese (and dip, and jelly, and cider, and and and…) was consumed. :)

Are YOU planning programming for an upcoming professional development event? Contact us and let us help! Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are able to present a wide variety of sessions (and would love a field trip out of the store!), and we’re happy to tailor our topics to fit your needs.

About the authors:
Ken is a former band director, and has been with Stanton’s since 2004. He enjoys comic books, playing with his young son, and plays saxophone with Swing’s the Thing Big Band. You should check out their album Walk On Out the Door available on iTunes and Amazon.

Jen has been with Stanton’s since 2006. A former middle school and high school choral director, and an active choral singer and accompanist throughout the Central Ohio area, she also enjoys eating good food, running (to counteract the good food…) and the Muppets.

Stanton’s E-Tools: Jukebox 29 August, 2014

website Jukebox image for promoThe amazing staff at Stanton’s knows how valuable your time is.  That’s why we try to provide you with as many tools as we can to make choosing music easier,  faster and more enjoyable.  In this series of blog posts, we will be profiling our E-tools. Whether you are a local customer here in Columbus, OH or one of our many friends around the world, we hope you will find a way to use our E-tools!

As an extension of our Listening Library, we are proud to offer Stanton’s Jukebox Stanton’s Jukebox is a specialized “wish list” where you can add sound samples from our Listening Library, then use it to:

  • Research your music purchases by building a playlist for all the titles you are considering, and then easily compare “apples to apples” as you listen.
  • Arrange your concert program by listening to full-length pieces in order, then rearranging as needed to allow for a variety in tempi and styles.
  • Build specific playlists for each of your different ensembles to assist you with your rehearsal planning and score study.
  • Generate a personalized URL for each playlist that can be emailed to your ensemble to enhance at-home practice – you can even add custom practice/rehearsal notes to appear with each playlist.
  • Forward your playlist to your school administrator or Booster/PTA president when you need to solicit funding for specific music.
  • Design separate playlists for different genres or eras of music for your Music History or Music Appreciation students to use during class or with homework.
  • Create a list of your favorite works for your personal listening pleasure in your home or office, and let it inspire you to continue strengthening your ensembles!

If you have questions about how to use the Stanton’s Jukebox feature, we also have a quick video tutorial that you can watch, as well as a list of “Frequently Asked Questions.”  As always, if  you need further information, feel free to call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC or email us at

Previous posts in this series:  Listening LibraryStanton’s App, Digital Delivery, Virtual Workshop

Stanton’s E-tools: Listening Library 01 August, 2014

Stanton's Listening LibraryThe amazing staff at Stanton’s knows how valuable your time is.  That’s why we try to provide you with as many tools as we can to make choosing music easier, faster and more enjoyable.  In this series of blog posts, we will be profiling our E-tools. Whether you are a local customer here in Columbus, OH or one of our many friends around the world, we hope you will find a way to use our E-tools!

What is the Listening Library?

When you are searching for new music that fits your group, sometimes looking at or even playing through a score is not enough.  Music is meant to be heard, not just seen.  That is why we have recordings of almost 70, 000 titles available in the Listening Library.  The Library files are in an easy-to-use MP3 format and are created from “promotional recordings” produced by the publishers. When possible, Stanton’s uses the full recording, but due to the fact that some tracks were only made available as “publisher promotional copies” some of the tracks may be excerpted.   We are constantly adding to our library, so check back often for updates.

How do I know if Stanton’s has a recording of the piece I’m looking for?

When browsing or searching our website, you will see the “globe with headphones”  icon (pictured above) next to any item that has a recording available.  Clicking on that icon will take you to a recording of that piece.  Having trouble hearing?  Check to make sure that your speakers are turned up and not set to mute, or that your headphones are plugged in.

Can I access the Listening Library from my smart phone or tablet?

Absolutely!  The Stanton’s mobile website is compatible with all tablets and smart phones.  Just touch that “globe with headphones” icon to get started.  If you download our mobile app (more about the app in a future post,) you can even use the tablet or phone’s camera to scan the bar code on a piece of music, and you will be immediately directed to that item’s recording.  It makes shopping for music (or browsing your own music library) a breeze!

For questions about how to use our Listening Library, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-42-MUSIC or visit us online or in person!



Recorder Time! 30 December, 2013

The holidays are almost over, and the second half of the school year is upon us.  For many excited 3rd and 4th grade music students, that means it’s recorder time!  Whether this is your first or thirty-first year teaching recorder, take time to investigate some new resources.  Use these to supplement your current method, or try something entirely new!

 Essential Elements for Recorder by Clements, Lavender and Menghini

         Does your district’s band and/or orchestra staff use the popular “Essential Elements” series?  If so, they will thank you for using this great method for your recorder instruction.  The Essential Elements Classroom Method for Recorder is designed for today’s classroom, including easy-to-use technology features that enhance the learning experience for any teaching situation. Essential Elements for Recorder can be an effective tool for introducing or reinforcing general music concepts, as an introduction to ensemble performance (band, orchestra, and choir), or individual or small group instruction.  Also available is the Essential Elements For Recorder Kit, with 10 books, 10 recorders and 1 classroom accompaniment CD for just $69.99!

In the B-A-G by Janet Day

Keep recorder interest high with this crafty collection of eight reproducible songs that will reinforce the first three notes taught in most recorder methods. Your young performers will also be exposed to a variety of musical styles from swing,salsa and reggae to rock and roll, Latin and rap. Put together your own ensemble with the reproducible accompanying parts included for Orff and percussion instruments and piano.  An enhanced CD is included with hip recordings, with and without the recorder part, to accompany the simpler, age-appropriate recorder parts, plus PDFs of the printed recorder parts for overhead projection.

Ready, Set, Play: Recorder Rock by Timothy Adams

          Rev up your recorder lessons and repertoire with this collection of fifteen pieces for beginning and intermediate recorder students. Building on the “Ready, Set, Play” formula, Tim Adams will guide you and your students through his classroom-tested teaching process, beginning with engaging pre-teaching activities, progressing to score study, and finally moving to performance. Each piece features reproducible scores, performance and accompaniment tracks, and teaching suggestions.

Recorder Rumble by Jeanette Morgan

         Have you ever thought that there should be a more interesting way to assess your recorder players? Want to take away all of the stress and anxiety of playing solo? “Recorder Rumble” is the answer! This interactive resource includes six levels–complete with 24 four-beat examples in each–with two playing options: choose the collaborative game of chance that encourages students to work together to prepare the examples; or have them sight-read melodic patterns in the Lightning Round. Levels range from beginning pitches and rhythms to more advanced combinations, and printable practice guides are available. Simply let the software take the lead, and your students will have so much fun that they won’t even know that they’re being assessed! Multi-use and site licenses are available.

Computer Games for Beginning Musicians 18 December, 2013

Alfred Music Publishing has a great set of six computer games on one CD-ROM to teach beginning music theory to  youngsters.  For example, in “Name That Key”, the child identifies the piano key the ladybug is sitting on.  Other games involving note values and identification, music symbols, and intervals are included in “Music Games“.  Whether your child is “picking apples” or helping the frog cross the river safely,   he/she is learning new skills for a lifetime of music.  This CD-ROM is for ages seven and up and works for either Windows or MAC. For more information about this CD-ROM or other materials that teach music theory for children, call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website at  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Technology in the Music Classroom 04 December, 2013

Technology is a huge part of today’s education landscape.  Even as other parts of the budget are cut, technology coordinators are often eager and able to help teachers purchase software that provides tools for data-driven assessment, facilitates student-led learning and provides materials that can be used again and again.  Stanton’s loves these new resources for using your computer and interactive white board to enhance music learning.  Talk to your district’s technology coordinator today about purchasing some of these amazing products!

Interactive Music Tools by Cristi Cary Miller

Demonstrate and assess with projectable sight and sound keyboard visuals!  Discover dozens of ways to use these handy interactive graphics in your classroom, all set in a user-friendly PDF format that uses Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher.  Six visuals are presented on the CD-ROM in the Keys of C, F, G diatonic and pentatonic.  Play different patterns of sound as others watch and listen.  Show steps and skips, high and low, ascending and descending patterns, and much more.  Demonstrate a simple ostinato accompaniment so everyone can see and hear the pattern before transferring it to a pitched classroom instrument.  Invite students to compose a pentatonic accompaniment on the spot!  Also included are helpful suggestions by master music educator Cristi Cary Miller on more ways to use these projectable sound graphics to reinforce music theory, ear training and assessment.  You’ll want to keep these great visual learning tools at your fingertips.  Minimize 1 or more of the keyboard graphics on your whiteboard or computer desktop for instant access throughout the day.  Great for all your visual learners!  Appropriate for grades K-6.

Luigi’s Listening Lab by Christi Cary Miller and John Jacobson

Come on, all you listening ears out there!  Join Maestro Luigi and his trusted baton for a multimedia study of some of the great masterworks by Franz Josef Haydn, Camille Saint-Saens, Henry Mancini, George Gershwin, John Williams and more!  Luigi’s Baton will entertain with recorded fun facts about the composers and their writings, and students will become actively engaged with full-color maps while listening to quality orchestral recordings.  A Digital Student Edition comes with the Teacher Edition, so you can project or print from your computer!  This enclosed student CD-ROM features projectable full-color listening maps with embedded audio recordings and Luigi’s story tracks, so you can listen and watch with a single click – all set in a user-friendly PDF format that uses Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher.  There are also printable black/white stories and maps.  The Teacher Edition offers easy-to-present lesson plans linked to the National Standards for all the material. Make sure to put this incredible interactive resource on your must have list!

Mi in the Middle by Phyllis Thomas

Designed specifically for developing choirs, this collection of eight interactive units will introduce your singers to the tonic triad and require them to use their knowledge in a variety of sight-singing and aural-identification activities.  Activities include note names, solfège, and pitch numbers so that you can tailor them to your preferred system, and lessons are designed for whole-class and student-led instruction.  Additional customizable files and printable resources provide even more learning opportunities for you and your students.  Multi-use and site licenses are available.  For grades 5-8.

Music Madness! by Artie Almeida

In her tradition of “heavy academics, delivered joyfully,” Artie is more excited than ever to bring you this collection of interactive games for use with interactive whiteboards as well as any computer capable of running Adobe Flash. Your students will love the incredible graphics, engaging animation, and fast-paced competition, while clearly stated learning goals, leveled play, and individual and team options will provide you with countless ways to use this software in your music classroom. Multi-use and site licenses are available.

For more information on these and other great technology products, contact us at Stanton’s Sheet Music today!

“The Educator’s Guide to Grants” 16 May, 2013

Would you like funding to update your music technology resources? Do you need uniforms or instruments for the marching band? Are you searching for funding for professional development or travel to study abroad? The Educator’s Guide to Grants is designed to help schools and non-profits find funding and create proposals to access funds successfully. Novices just learning to negotiate grant writing and more experienced writers seeking million-dollar awards will find insight and assistance with this guide. A CD-ROM included with the book features a screened list of hundreds of funding sources matched to each grant area.

Shop Stanton’s for your sheet music needs!

Stanton’s Sheet Music NEW Virtual Workshop! 22 August, 2012

Stanton’s understands that not everyone can attend our educational and informative workshops, so to better serve all our customers, we present Stanton’s “Virtual Workshop!”

In our Virtual Workshop area, you’ll find newly published music that has been reviewed and recommended by our expert staff. Stanton’s sheet music specialists are always searching for the best new music that is not only perfect for performance, but is also educationally sound, liturgically appropriate, aurally pleasing and full of teaching and ministry opportunities.

The workshops themselves are designed so you can easily preview Stanton’s top choices as featured on our clinics, workshops and promotions.  You’ll also find the very newest titles that have just come across our desks – great music that we just can’t wait to present to you!

Inside each workshop you’ll preview actual arrangements with audio demonstrations, and often LIVE video footage of our workshops and reading sessions featuring nationally recognized clinicians. We have always welcomed our local customers to visit our store to select music with the in-person assistance of our knowledgeable staff; we’re so pleased to bring you a similar experience online with Stanton’s Virtual Workshop!

Check out Stanton’s “Virtual Workshop” today, and let us know what you think!

Interactive Elementary Music Resources 03 August, 2012

If you missed our Elementary General Music Clinic this week, you can check out our online clinic flyer. Coming next week, you’ll also be able to explore these titles online using Stanton’s new “Virtual Workshop.” Check out these great new interactive resources which were featured on the clinic:

Interactive Folksongs
Folksongs are powerful teaching tools. Their repetitive rhythms and melodies provide a better understanding of music concepts, while teaching us about our multicultural heritage. The more interactivity you bring to your classroom, the more engaged your students will be in their learning. Master educator Cristi Cary Miller combines these tools in an exciting multimedia approach that teaches folksong melodies accompanied by simple Orff instrument ostinatos. Step-by-step lesson plans are printed in the Teacher Book. They coordinate with projectable music lessons on the enclosed interactive CD-ROM. Recorded melodies (without lyrics) and separate Orff instrument pitches are embedded in the projected lessons for more interactive learning and assessment. Lessons are teacher-paced with a click-through format that does not require any special interactive software. Just insert the CD-ROM into your computer and click away! This collection for grades 2-5 features songs for younger students and songs for older students.

Interactive NOW!, Vol 6
The “Interactive Now” team of Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas is on a roll! Their innovative approach to integrating technology continues to expand and is now available as Flash-based software that can be used with any interactive whiteboard or computer. As always, you will find ten outstanding units of study for exploration by students in grades K-5. Your students will have fun with the twelve-bar blues, match treble-clef pitches, review rhythmic values in a fast-paced game, respond through movement to multiple styles and tempi, and a whole lot more. Each unit includes “Objectives” and “Quick Tips,” along with printable, reproducible worksheets and assessments. Check out volumes 1-5 as well!

For more Elementary music resources, contact us today!

Keep Stanton’s at Your Fingertips! 19 June, 2012

Stanton’s is proud to announce the official launch of our new Mobile Website! After last year’s June launch of our completely redesigned main website, we immediately turned our attention to building a mobile website. The world is getting smarter and moving faster—at least, our phones are—and in order to keep up with the grower number of customers using smart phones, Stanton’s knew that we needed to adapt our site to be user-friendly on the “small screen.”

Why are we so excited? The new mobile website doesn’t need to be zoomed in; it’s designed to fit within your phone’s screen size. It breaks down categories with a simplified structure that is easier to navigate with your fingers.

Using Stanton’s new mobile site, your smart phone becomes your mp3 player for our thousands of music sound files.  So if you’re at a doctor’s appointment, at the airport, or sitting on your back porch, you’ll be able to listen to something new from our mobile website anywhere you are!

What’s next for our Mobile Website? We are currently designing our fan favorite–the Listening Library–to be mobile friendly as well. Stanton’s is working to include bar code scanning capabilities in the store, so you can easily scan and hear sound files while standing right in front of the music!

Check out Stanton’s Mobile Website on your smart phone, and give us your feedback. We know you’ll be as excited as we are about what we’ve created for you!

One Year Ago: Stanton’s Launched its New Website! 31 May, 2012

There seems to always be something new happening at Stanton’s. Last year at this time, we were excited for the launch of our new website, which is actually three websites in one: our main site (, digital delivery website ( and, what seems to be our fan favorite, the Stanton’s Listening Library ( The new website gave us the ability to offer increased communication and enhanced technology and features for our customers—helping to make the online shopping experience more similar to live shopping in our store!

On our main site, you can easily access our Twitter, Facebook and WordPress feeds and view our most recent posts right on the homepage. All three of these external networks allow you to communicate directly with our creative staff. In each of the 13 main categories, such as Orchestra Music, the tabs on the right side of the screen allow us to easily display staff picks and seasonal materials, and keep our recommendations current with your programming needs.

We have continued to make improvements to our site, even after the initial launch. We added a predictive search to our search engine so that you can find the exact title you need more quickly. A “Wishlist” feature makes it easy for you to build and name multiple lists of items that can be printed, shared or exported to help you plan your concert and your budget. We have fine-tuned our shipping estimator to give you a realistic expectation of what shipping will cost, so there are no surprises. Our Current Promotions and Clinics pages received face lifts, and we added a “Quick Order” feature for when you’ve already collected your catalog numbers and quantities  and just want to complete your order as fast as possible.

Many of these ongoing improvements were suggested directly by you–our customers!  With the “feedback” button at the bottom of each page of the website, customers have let us know if something wasn’t working quite right so our programmers can narrow down and fix any glitches quickly. Thank you for helping to make our site a useful, user-friendly resource for musicians and music educators, and thank you for choosing Stanton’s Sheet Music for all your sheet music purchases. We welcome your continued feedback as we add more enhanced features in the year to come!

Digitally Download Sheet Music 01 March, 2012

Do you ever need sheet music in a big hurry?  Check out Stanton’s Digital Delivery to browse our digital sheet music library. There are pop songs, Broadway songs, sacred songs, guitar tabs, and much more!

You’ll need to download a free Scorch program that allows you to see the first page of each song you look up, and it allows you to print on your own printer.  Many songs can also be transposed to whatever key you need! Just pay with a credit card, download and print.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Happy browsing!

2012 OMEA Professional Conference Instrumental Highlights 08 February, 2012

The 2012 OMEA Professional Conference is just around the corner.  In addition to being a great way to recharge during this long period of the school year and the camaraderie of being around friends and colleagues, it is also a great place to discover new music, learn new teaching techniques, and discover new tools to enhance teaching and learning in your classroom.  The instrumental staff at Stanton’s is pleased to highlight some of the items being featured at this year’s conference. 

Composer and co-author of the Sound Innovations band method, Robert Sheldon will be presenting sessions including Fix It Now: Techniques for Creating Immediate and Significant Improvement in Your Rehearsal, Writing Music for Winds and Percussion, and Preparing Your Ensemble for Expressive Performance.

Composer and co-author of the Tradition of Excellence band method, Ryan Nowlin will highlight approaches for starting beginners, lesson planning, and using the technology and enrichment features of the T.O.E. book during his session, Teaching Band with Excellence: Achieving the Most in Every Lesson.

Conducting takes center stage in Practical Score Preparation Strategies for the Harried Instrumental Conductor by Gary Stith (author of Score Rehearsal Preparation), and Be the Music: Non-Verbal Gestures, Pedagogical and Musical Thoughts and Ideas for the Conductor by Stephen Gage combining the pedagogical approaches of Laban, Green, and Lisk (Conductor, Teacher, Leader; The Musical Mind of the Creative Director).

There are many technology-related sessions featuring Finale notation software including Finale Top Ten; Using Finale and SmartMusic Together to Easily Maximize Your Results; Finale and SmartMusic in Action with HS Band Students; and Using Finale in Music Education, and the sessions/discussions with Sousa historian/Fillmore biographer and Columbus resident Paul Bierley (Hallelujah Trombone), Sam Pilafian (Breathing Gym Live for Band, Orchestra, and Chorus), and Tom Batiuk, cartoonist/creator of Funky Winkerbean, are sure to be both entertaining and informative.

For more information about the sessions, visit the searchable schedule on the OMEA website, and visit, Stanton’s OMEA booth, or stop by the store while you’re in Columbus to purchase any of the titles listed above.  We look forward to seeing you February 16-18!

Interactive NOW! 11 January, 2012

In-stock and ready to ship, Stanton’s is pleased to present “Interactive NOW” from Heritage Music Press.

Interactive NOW
Using your interactive whiteboard just got a whole lot easier! Each volume contains ten interactive lessons is designed specifically for use in the K–5 music education classroom. Developed by music educators Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas, these exciting materials are student tested and proven to be effective in teaching music concepts. Available for SMART Board (vol 1, 2, 3, 4) or Promethean (vol 1, 2, 3, 4).

For more details on these or other classroom music products, contact us!

SmartBoard Resources for Elementary Music 15 July, 2011

Do you have access to a SmartBoard for your elementary music classes? Stanton’s is now carrying a groundbreaking series of SmartBoard tools created by teachers, Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas, that will help you get the most out of your lessons!

SmartBoard Now, Volume 1
Using your interactive whiteboard just got a whole lot easier! This collection of ten interactive lessons is designed specifically for use in the K-5 music education classroom. Developed by music educators Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas, these exciting materials are student tested and proven to be effective in teaching music concepts. Lesson topics include: beginning notation, steady beat, and audiation, rondo form, pitches of the treble staff, reading and singing sol, mi, and la from a three-line staff, writing your own ostinato, beginning dictation and more!

SmartBoard Now, Volume 2
Harness your students' love of the interactive whiteboard and expand their learning opportunities with this set of ten original lessons from notable educators and IWB aficionados Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas. Lesson topics include: concepts of sound/no sound, reading rhythms with iconic notation, using a hand staff to teach and compose with melodic notation, reinforcing rhythmic notation and more!

SmartBoard Now, Volume 3
Get in on the action and build your interactive whiteboard repertoire with this engaging set of activities from creators Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas. They continue their run of best-selling interactive blockbusters with several classroom games, and lesson topics including: dynamics, composing your own sol-mi melodies, ABA form, tempo and more!

SmartBoard Now, Volume 4
Are your students clamoring for more interactive whiteboard lessons? We're here for you! Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas have listened to your feedback about their first three volumes of lessons and have created another set to fit your teaching needs. As always, they tested these lessons in their classrooms, and they passed with flying colors! In this volume you will find the following lesson topics: basic melodic and rhythmic notation and principles, conducting, stick notation, meter and more!

A Musical Dice Game
Debbie Anderson, creator of numerous best-selling lessons for interactive whiteboards, presents this competitive game featuring note values. If your students love Yahtzeeâ„¢, they'll have a blast with DooZie. And, best of all, everything that's needed is right at your fingertips. Pop the disc into your computer and your students can start playing today!

For more information on these and other classroom music products, contact us!

Stanton's Launches its New Website! 21 June, 2011

On Wednesday, June 8th, Stanton’s launched its brand new, redesigned website to the public! After a year of planning, site design graphics and new programming, Stanton’s is proud to debut its newest creation. Â The new website is actually three websites in one: Stanton’s main homepage–built for everyone to use and encompassing most everything a musician would want to see, the Stanton’s Digital Delivery page–for customers who want music instantly and don’t mind music not having a cover or fancy artwork, and Stanton’s Listening Library–designed especially for music educators looking for product recordings to help in building their concerts and programs.

In developing the new website, Stanton’s focused on enhancing communication with the customer, including suggestions of new products, timely recommendations and ease of use in navigating the website. To help highlight new products, Stanton’s incorporated its social networking features–our Facebook page, WordPress blog and Twitter feed–directly onto the website. Many of our recommendations are written and published daily, so the website’s new design layout displays the latest articles, postings and tweets using RSS feeds directly from the networks!

Throughout the redesigned website is an ever changing list of new products hot off the presses! There are multiple flash viewers that display the latest new products for customers to see.  Also designed into each of the main categories is an area with click-able “tabs” that allows the Stanton’s staff to present events, products, features, staff picks, favorites, seasonal suggestions, best sellers, videos, or anything that we feel relates best to our customers. Â Each of these main category pages is specific to a particular musical focus–like “Orchestra Music“–and as the seasons change, so do the subjects and suggestions in this area. We’re very excited about this new feature, allowing Stanton’s the flexibility to be ever evolving.

We’d be so honored if you would take the time to explore our new site and provide us with some feedback–we hope that you’ll find it makes your shopping experience even easier!

Technology Resources for Elementary Music 22 February, 2011

Wondering how you, the music teacher, can get in on that technology grant money? Here are some great resources for finding ways to incorporate computers and more to enhance your elementary music lessons:

Mr. Zig’s Literacy, Music & Technology Connection   
By Zig Wajler
This is an outstanding resource for K-12 teachers seeking to integrate technology and the arts. Learn the process of creating, composing, recording, and producing a song. Includes a CD “Loop Library” and reproducible pages. Incorporates MENC’s National Standards for Music Education.

Technology Integration in the Elementary Music Classroom
by Amy M. Burns
Technology Integration in the Music Classroom is a landmark resource for elementary school teachers who wish to enhance their curriculum with the excitement of music technology. The lessons can be adapted and used in a general classroom setting with one computer, or in a classroom where the music teacher transports the materials “on a cart.” Support audio files, MIDI files, and other electronic documents can be accessed for free through a dedicated web site. Includes a glossary and index.

Integrating Technology with Music Instruction
By Greg Foreman and Kyle Pace
A comprehensive guide to implementing technology within the music classroom, Integrating Technology with Music Instruction offers practical strategies for utilizing technology to increase student learning, motivation and engagement and provide opportunities for essential music skills to be effectively taught and retained. Teachers will also learn how to reduce administrative obligations and explore professional growth opportunities. Incorporates MENC’s National Standards for Music Education

A Wide World of WebVisits
Jeanette Morgan
Cross the curriculum bridge with these easy-to-use, multi-faceted lessons based around music websites and written by a team of master educators including Artie Almeida and Patricia Bourne. A perfect resource for music appreciation classes, these lessons will enable your students to explore everything from African music and rare instruments like Benjamin Franklin's glass armonica to world-class orchestras and arts organizations without ever stepping out of the classroom. From ten-minute “excursions” to full-blown units, you will surely find a “WebVisit” suited to your particular needs and curricular goals.

For more great recommendations, contact Stanton’s today!

We don't need no stinkin' wires!!! 04 November, 2010

That’s right, free WIFI for Stanton’s Sheet Music customers! Bring your wireless device right into the store and log on. You’re thinking, “that’s all well and good but now what?” Well, here’s the really cool thing! We’re very proud of the vast quantity of sound files (36,297 at last count) in our listening library. Our customers can now shop anywhere in the store and listen to the musical arrangement they happen to be looking at! Plug your earbuds into your iPhone, iPad or Android, log on to the free WIFI and you’re good to go! No more waiting in line to use the CD player, cassette tape player or the turntable (turntable - what the heck is a turntable!!!).

Stanton’s Sheet Music… always on the cutting edge!

Happy 50th Anniversary Stanton's! 02 August, 2010

2010 is a very exciting year for us here at Stanton's Sheet Music - we're celebrating our 50th Anniversary!  Founded in August of 1960 by Columbus, Ohio native John Stanton, Stanton's Sheet Music has grown over the last 50 years from a humble “mom and pop” storefront to our current status as one of the largest sheet music retailers in the country.  We are fortunate to have become a valuable and trusted resource for musicians because of our commitment to quality products and personal customer service; a commitment we continue to build upon.

For a retrospective look at where we've come from (and where we're heading in the future), check out our video below.  Thanks to our wonderful family of customers, we've enjoyed an amazing and successful 50 year history, and we look forward to continuing to serve all your sheet music needs for the next 50 years!