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New for Elementary Choirs for Fall Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome your elementary choir back to school with one of these great choral octavos, as featured on Stanton’s Elementary General Music Clinic with Greg Gilpin:

Busy, Busy Bumblebee by Greg Gilpin
From the imaginative pen of Greg Gilpin comes this entertaining exercise in diction, dynamics, and alliteration. Featuring a unique 6/8 feel that emphasizes the rhythm of the text and a piano accompaniment that emulates the sound of a bumblebee “darting and diving all around,” this creative programming gem is sure to have your singers buzzing for more.

The Crocodile by Ruth Morris Gray
Sing this wildly whimsical Lewis Carroll text three times, combining the two sensible melodies on the final repeat. A playful piano accompaniment provides solid support and sounds like the snapping jaws of the croc!

Everything is Beautiful arr. Greg Gilpin
This two-time GRAMMY winner from Ray Stevens from the early ’70s is a perfect message for today’s generation as well. Its gospel-feel style includes a descant sung by soloist or  small group, creating an anthem of love and peace with the message of understanding and acceptance.

Mr. Trombone Man by Cristi Cary Miller
Your choir will have a blast with this ragtime style original that features a unique showcase for a trombone! Whether you perform live or with the ShowTrax CD, this easily learned song will add fun and pizzazz to your concert while sharing the important message about the power of music in our lives.

Shake, Rattle and Roll arr. Sally K. Albrecht
This 12-bar blues from 1954 gets an easy-to-assemble “partner-song” treatment complete with staging suggestions! So, “get out from that kitchen,” and start singing!

Shake the Papaya Down arr. Greg Gilpin
Kids will love performing with shakers in hand during this island-flavored Calypso song, arranged especially for developing 2-part singers. A terrific way to shake things up and bring the house down!

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