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Best New Concert Marches Monday, January 14, 2013

Concert band adjudication season is just around the corner with spring concerts not far behind, and concert marches are a must for both programs!  Stanton’s band staff is excited to recommend the following titles as the best new marches for this year including Aces High from The Battle of Britain, an original circus march by Robert Sheldon, three great new arrangements by Karl King, and two lesser-known, but fantastic titles by John Philip Sousa.

Aces High, arr. Larry Daehn – Grade 3.5
Aviation history honors the flying aces of the Battle of Britain, as does this stalwart march/movie theme, splendidly executed with powerful, heroically flowing themes laced with spirited woodwind ostinati and triumphant fanfares. This arrangement is an out-of-the-ordinary must-hear!

The Stormchasers, Robert Sheldon – Grade 4
Traditional “screamers” are mostly historical icons, but this lightning-charged circus march for the 21st century carries on the bloodline magnificently, from its thundering energy, to its sweet lyrical lines, to the accelerando finale that remains crisp & controlled to the last breathless note.

Karl L. King
Imperial, arr. James Swearingen – Grade 2.5
If you’re looking for the real deal, look no further than the circus march king. Strong melodies and counterlines, bouncing 16th note rhythmic patterns, dynamic contrast, and boisterous enthusiasm –all hallmarks of King’s craft and showmanship!

Rifle Rangers, arr. Gene Milford – Grade 3
Readily readable, meticulously crafted, the beautiful songlike melodies and simple, elegant countermelodies make each facet of this march gem sparkle with delight.

Sells-Floto Triumphal, arr. Andrew Glover – Grade 4
Superbly fashioned to feature every section of the band, this melodic masterpiece, named for the turn-of-the-(20th)-century circus King conducted, is both bombastic and exquisite in its captivating musical details.

John Philip Sousa
Keeping Step with the Union, arr. Keith Brion – Grade 4
Keenly scored, wholeheartedly triumphant, undoubtedly Sousa – traits that make this little-known gem a sparkling & spirited re-discovery whose infectious charm will have audiences in step and enchanted.

Yorktown Centennial, arr. Keith Brion – Grade 4
You can’t have too much Sousa in your library, and this early gem has a distinctive, “colonial” flavor with trumpet calls, drum breaks, and fifing flutes, honoring the 100th anniversary of the end of the American Revolution.

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