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Music Major Graduation Gifts – String Players Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The world of a musician or collegiate music major is often foreign and strange to those outside of the profession. Parents, family and friends are often at a loss as to what graduation gifts might be most useful to high school graduates who plan to major in music, or college graduates pursuing music as a profession. The members of our knowledgeable staff at Stanton’s have all been in their shoes, and we recommend these gifts (in a variety of price ranges) that WE could have used when we graduated!

For HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES studying string instruments in college:

so you want to be a music majorSo You Want To Be a Music Major by Robert Franzblau, $14.99
There’s a famous story about a music professor who looked at his or her entry level theory class of bright-eyed freshman on the first day and said, “Look to your left. Now look to your right. One of these people won’t be here by the end of the semester.” Success as a music major depends greatly on a number of factors, sometimes the least of which is talent or ability. Go in prepared with this book about how to make a successful transition from high school musician to collegiate music student.

Harvard Dictionary of Music, $54.50
We know, we know, there’s an app for that. Sometimes, though, you can’t beat an old fashioned reference book. This is the standard against which all other music dictionaries are measured, and every professional has one on their shelves.

strings attachedStrings Attached by Joanne Lipman & Melanie Kupchynsky, $24.99
Every college student has a crisis moment when they wonder “What did I get myself into? I can’t do this! It’s too much!” Give them an inspiring story to read in this moment of self-doubt. Jerry Kupchynsky, known as Mr. K, was a Ukrainian-born taskmaster who yelled and stomped and screamed, and who drove his students harder than anyone had ever driven them before. Through sheer force of will, he made them better than they had any right to be. Strings Attached tells the inspiring, poignant, and powerful story of this remarkable man, whose life seemed to conspire against him at every turn and yet who was able to transform his own heartache into triumph for his students.

For COLLEGE GRADUATES becoming string teachers:

Teaching Music Through Performance in Orchestra series, $39.50-$49.50
These books are the go-to resource for quality orchestral literature at all levels. The books are a wealth of information, and the accompanying CD sets have high quality recordings of each featured piece. While a worthwhile investment, they can be out of reach for those on a first-year teacher’s salary. Available titles include Teaching Music Through Performance in Orchestra Vol. 1, 2 & 3. Books and CD sets sold separately.

habits of a successful orchestra directorHabits of a Successful Orchestra Director by Christopher Selby, $29.95
This resource is rich with practical strategies for developing a successful orchestra program. This book will inspire young and veteran orchestra directors looking for fresh ideas about teaching students of all ages to: perform with refined intonation, expressive musicianship, and a beautiful tone; develop advanced performance technique, rhythmic precision, and ensemble skills; sight-read better, rehearse more efficiently in class, and practice better at home; and become orchestra leaders and take greater pride and ownership in your ensemble.

Help your graduate build their reference library with these other fantastic resources!
Strategies for Teaching Strings, $76.95
Orchestral Bowings and Routines, $21.99
String Teaching in America: Strategies for a Diverse Society, $22.99
ASTA (American String Teachers Association) Curriculum, $49.99
String Clinics To Go: Art of Recruiting DVD, $34.95
String Clinics To Go: Getting Started DVD, $34.95

Don’t forget to give your graduate Stanton’s phone number: 1-800-42-MUSIC! Our staff is a great resource with music knowledge and teaching experience, and full of ideas!

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