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Learn to Play the Folk Harp Thursday, February 22, 2018

00722251recommended by Barb M., Keyboard and Folk Music Specialist

So you bought a folk harp and now you want a book to help you learn to play it! Well, how big is it? How many strings does it have? What’s with the blue and red strings? Just how do you use those levers? Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp by Sylvia Woods is one of the best books to help you learn all that stuff. Sylvia has written a short history of the harp, how to hold it, proper hand position, reading music, and how to replace and tie harp strings. There are plenty of songs to play as you learn new techniques. Who knows? Maybe by Christmas, you will be confident enough to play in church! Stanton’s has plenty of books to learn to play the folk harp, and plenty of books of solos for the harpist.

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About the Author:
Barb M. has worked in the Keyboard Department at Stanton’s since 1981. An active folk musician in the Columbus area, Barb also works with ensembles at her church and plays in the Columbus State Concert Band. In her spare time, Barb loves working with animals and computer games.

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