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Nicolai Kapustin Piano Compositions Friday, February 23, 2018

49045698If you are not yet aware of composer Nicolai Kapustin, check out his music on YouTube! Born in November 1937 in the Eastern Ukraine, Kapustin began piano studies in Moscow at the age of 14, graduating from the Moscow Conservatory in 1961. He played piano in big bands, focusing mostly on jazz. Since the 1980s he has concentrated on composing in a classical style with jazz idioms. His works are often performed by leading concert artists.

Newly available in print, we recommend Sonatina Op. 100, written in 2000. This piece is written to be easier than many of Kapustin’s works, and sounds like a classical sonatina with some jazz flavor. It is more approachable than much of his typical writing. From 2016, Moon Rainbow Op. 161 is a challenge, with plenty of interesting rhythms, accidentals, and workouts for the hands. Also check out Something Else, Op. 160 and Toccatina, Op. 36!

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