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Boosey & Hawkes Opera Anthology Friday, November 23, 2018

recommended by Jennifer F., Classical Vocal and Handbell Music Specialist

The Boosey & Hawkes Opera Anthology series is a landmark publication which collects arias and role excerpts from operas by John Adams, Benjamin Britten, Carlisle Floyd, Richard Strauss, and many other composers published by Boosey & Hawkes. Each volume includes extensive plot notes and translations. Many of the selections have never been published outside the complete vocal score of an opera, making this series a uniquely valuable source. Some of this literature is well-known around the world, but among the contents are many wonderful and intriguing pieces which are less often encountered. Besides opera auditions, a majority of the arias are rich material for recitals or concerts.

leon-529680SOPRANO/COLORATURA: John Adams: DOCTOR ATOMIC: Am I in your light? • NIXON IN CHINA: I don’t daydream • I am the wife of Mao Tsetung • Dominick Argento: THE BOOR: The Widow’s Aria • CASANOVA’S HOMECOMING: Though absent from these ears and eyes • MISS HAVISHAM’S FIRE: I see in you a looking glass • POSTCARD FROM MOROCCO: Lady with a Hand Mirror Aria • THE VOYAGE OF EDGAR ALLAN POE: Virginia’s Aria • Jack Beeson: CAPTAIN JINKS OF THE HORSE MARINES: Aurelia’s Aria • Leonard Bernstein: CANDIDE: Glitter and Be Gay • A QUIET PLACE: Dede’s Aria • Benjamin Britten: ALBERT HERRING: I’m full of happiness • Miss Wordsworth’s Aria • GLORIANA: The Dressing-Table Song • The Queen’s Dilemma • A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM: Injurious Hermia • Come, now a roundel • Be kind and courteous • PETER GRIMES: Let her among you without fault • Embroidery Aria • THE TURN OF THE SCREW: How beautiful it is • Lost in my labryrinth • Aaron Copland: THE TENDER LAND: Laurie’s Song • Carlisle Floyd: COLD SASSY TREE: Rented rooms • OF MICE AND MEN: Curly’s Wife’s Aria • SUSANNAH: Ain’t it a pretty night • The trees on the mountains • WUTHERING HEIGHTS: I’ve dreamt in my life • John Gay, realized by Benjamin Britten: THE BEGGAR’S OPERA: I’m like a skiff on the ocean tossed • When young at the bar…Ungrateful Macheath! • Henry Purcell, realized and edited by Benjamin Britten and Imogen Holst: DIDO AND AENEAS: Oft she visits this lov’d mountain • Thanks to these lonesome vales • Sergei Rachmaninoff: FRANCESCA DA RIMINI: Francesca’s Aria • Ned Rorem: OUR TOWN: Emily’s Aria • Richard Strauss: ARABELLA: Das war sehr gut, Mandryka • Die Wiener Herrn verstehn sich • ARIADNE AUF NAXOS: Es gibt ein Reich • Grossmätige Prinzessin • CAPRICCIO: Kein Andres, das mir so im Herzen loht (Letzte Szene/Final Scene) • DER ROSENKAVALIER: Da geht er hin (Monolog der Marschallin/Marschallin’s Monologue) • Igor Stravinsky: THE RAKE’S PROGRESS: No word from Tom…I go to him • LE ROSSIGNOL: Chanson du Rossignol

leon-529681MEZZO-SOPRANO: John Adams: THE DEATH OF KLINGHOFFER: I must have been hysterical • DOCTOR ATOMIC: Am I in your light? • Past fierce and tossing skies • EL NIÑO: La anunciación • Dominick Argento: THE ASPERN PAPERS: On the stroke of midnight! • CASANOVA’S HOMECOMING: Bellino’s Aria • Madame d’Urfé’s Aria • THE DREAM OF VALENTINO: Nazimova’s Aria • Was it truly destiny • MISS HAVISHAM’S FIRE: Estella’s Aria • A POSTCARD FROM MOROCCO: A Foreign Singer’s Aria • Leonard Bernstein: MASS: Thank You • TROUBLE IN TAHITI: There is a garden • What a movie! • Benjamin Britten: ALBERT HERRING: Doctor Jessop’s midwife • What would Missus Herring say? • A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM: Lysander, Help me Lysander • THE RAPE OF LUCRETIA: Give him this orchid • Is it all? • She sleeps as a rose upon the night • Aaron Copland: THE TENDER LAND: Ma’s Song • Carlisle Floyd: WUTHERING HEIGHTS: Take off that frown • John Gay, realized by Benjamin Britten: THE BEGGAR’S OPERA: Thus when a good housewife sees a rat…How cruel are the traytors • Henry Purcell, realized by Benjamin Britten and Imogen Holst: DIDO AND AENEAS: Ah, Belinda, I am prest with torment • When I am laid in earth • Ned Rorem: MISS JULIE: Wind around me like Satan’s snake • Richard Strauss: ARIADNE AUF NAXOS: Sein wir wieder gut • DER ROSENKAVALIER: Wie Du warst! • Igor Stravinsky: MAVRA: The Mother’s Aria • OEDIPUS REX: Nonn’ erusbeskite, reges • THE RAKE’S PROGRESS: As I was saying…Scorned! Abused! • Sold! Annoyed!

leon-529682TENOR: John Adams: A FLOWERING TREE: Her arms have the beauty • NIXON IN CHINA: Platonic men • Dominick Argento: CASANOVA’S HOMECOMING: Gondolier’s Song • THE DREAM OF VALENTINO: Now I know • Valentino’s Aria • POSTCARD FROM MOROCCO: Once when I was a young man • Leonard Bernstein: CANDIDE: Bon Voyage • Benjamin Britten: ALBERT HERRING: The Mayor’s Aria • Albert the Good! • O go, Go! Go away! • BILLY BUDD: I accept their verdict • Gloriana: First Lute Song • Second Lute Song • A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Asleep my Love? • Peter Grimes: They listen to money • Now the Great Bear and Pleiades • In dreams I’ve built myself • THE RAPE OF LUCRETIA: Rome is now ruled • Tarquinius does not dare • THE TURN OF THE SCREW: It is a curious story • Miles! • Aaron Copland: THE TENDER LAND: Martin’s Song • Carlisle Floyd: COLD SASSY TREE: So there you were • Sometimes th’ pain of missin’ him • OF MICE AND MEN: Lennie’s Aria (Oh, I feel cold inside) • WUTHERING HEIGHTS: Then marry me, Cathy • John Gay, realized by Benjamin Britten: THE BEGGAR’S OPERA: O cruel, cruel case! • Sergei Prokofiev: L’AMOUR DES TROIS ORANGES: Il est drôle, le Prince! • Sergei Rachmaninoff: ALEKO: Young Gypsy’s Romance • Ned Rorem: OUR TOWN: The Stage Manager’s Aria (We’re all coming up here) • Richard Strauss: ARABELLA: Ich hab’s geschworen • ARIADNE AUX NAXOS: Im Gegenteil • CAPRICCIO: Das Sonett (Kein Andres, das mir so im Herzen loht) • DER ROSENKAVALIER: Di rigori armato il seno • Igor Stravinsky: MAVRA: Hussar’s Aria • THE RAKE’S PROGRESS: Here I stand • Love, too frequently betrayed • Vary the song • Sellem’s Auction Scene • I have waited • Mark-Anthony Turnage: ANNA NICOLE: Valium, prozac

leon-529683BARITONE/BASS: John Adams: DOCTOR ATOMIC: Batter my heart • Teller’s Aria • A FLOWERING TREE: Storyteller’s Aria • NIXON IN CHINA: News has a kind of mystery • Mister Premier • Dominick Argento: THE ASPERN PAPERS: What a yielding nature she has • CASANOVA’S HOMECOMING: You have already heard one sermon tonight • MISS HAVISHAM’S FIRE: If in the years to come • THE SHOEMAKERS’ HOLIDAY: Simon’s Aria • A WATER BIRD TALK: The Lecturer (Theme) • Leonard Bernstein: MASS: A Simple Song • TROUBLE IN TAHITI: There’s a Law • Benjamin Britten: ALBERT HERRING: The Vicar’s Aria (Virtue, says Holy Writ) • Tickling a trout • Churchyard’s agog with a crowd of folk • BILLY BUDD: Billy Budd, king of the birds! • Billy’s Farewell (Look! Through the port comes the moonshine astray!) • Claggart’s Aria • GLORIANA: Cecil’s Report Cecil’s Song of Government • Raleigh’s Song • A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM: Bottom’s Dream • O Helen, goddess • THE RAPE OF LUCRETIA: Lucretia! I’m sick of that name! Tarquinius’s Aria (Within this frail crucible of light) • Carlisle Floyd: COLD SASSY TREE: I’ve known I loved you • OF MICE AND MEN: George’s Aria (You bet it’s gonna be diff’rent) • SUSANNAH: Hear me, O Lord • I’m a lonely man, Susannah • WILLIE STARK: We all come out of the earth • John Gay, realized by Benjamin Britten: THE BEGGAR’S OPERA: Thus Gamesters united in friendship • Sergei Rachmaninoff: ALEKO: Aleko’s Cavatina • FRANCESCA DA RIMINI: Lanceotto’s Aria • Ned Rorem: OUR TOWN: When I got married • Richard Strauss: ARABELLA: Nimmst einen Fiaker • Sie gibt mir keinen Blick • ARIADNE AUF NAXOS: Lieben, Hassen, Hoffen, Zagen • Igor Stravinsky: THE RAKE’S PROGRESS: Come, master • I burn! I freeze!

About the Author:
Jennifer F. is a graduate of Otterbein College with a degree in Vocal Performance. She has worked at Stanton’s for over 14 years specializing in Sacred Choral, Classical Vocal and Handbell music. Jennifer is a soprano section leader in the Chancel Choir at First Community Church in Columbus Ohio, and is also the founder, Artistic Director and bass bell ringer for Handbells Columbus.

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