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NEW from Eric Whitacre 28 December, 2018

Grammy-winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre is one of the most popular musicians of our time. His concert music has been performed throughout the world by millions of amateur and professional musicians alike, while his ground-breaking Virtual Choirs have united singers from over 120 different countries.

New from Eric Whitacre this season:

leon-524125i carry your heart for SATB a cappella
Written for best friends of the composer and premiered by the LA Master Chorale. The heart of this piece is reflected in the text “i am never without it.” This is an intimate text set in an intimate way.

Glow for SATB with piano
Simple and welcoming, Glow was performed for the first time by the World of Color Honor Choir at Disney’s California Adventure Park. The Honor Choir, made up of over 700 singers from across America, were selected to be part of the night-time spectacular Winter Dreams show. Now available in new voicings for SAB, SSA, and TBB.

The Seal Lullaby for SATB with piano
This loving and dreamlike work captures the undulating rhythm of a mother rocking her child to sleep. The text is a classic by Rudyard Kipling: “Oh! Hush thee, my baby, the night is behind us, And black are the waters that sparkled so green. The moon, o’er the combers, looks downward to find us, At rest in the hollows that rustle between.” Magical! Now available in new voicings for SAB, SA, and TB.

leon-00283875-fGoodnight Moon for SATB with piano
Originally composed for harp, string orchestra and solo soprano, next adapted for soprano and piano and now finally available for SATB choir and piano. This SATB setting takes a whimsical approach to the text we as parents have read hundreds of times. The harmonic structure is transparent and the choral writing is smart and a joy to sing.

The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus for SATB & children’s choir with piano
“Although his name was Jabez Dawes, his character was full of flaws!” With an hysterical text by Ogden Nash, Eric Whitacre has brought all of his theatrical skills to this three movement work and tells a wonderful story that will leave parents smiling and young children determined to be “even better” so as not to meet the same fate as young Jabez. This is a holiday treat for singers, players and audiences.

Find more from Whitacre on our website, or contact us for more information. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Irish Folk Tunes for Viola 26 December, 2018

49044675recommended by Barb M., Keyboard and Folk Music Specialist

Irish Folk Tunes for Viola is a valuable collection of 60 traditional Irish tunes, and includes a CD recorded by Benedict Taylor, an award-winning violist, composer and ethnomusicologist. The tunes are a selection of jigs, hornpipes, reels, marches, slow airs and ballads. There are notes on style and interpretation for all tune types. If you play viola and enjoy folk dancing, this will supply you and your fellow dancers with some live music for your dancing pleasure! An added bonus is the fact that chord names are included with the music, so friends who strum can join in. Even if you aren’t a dancer, this is a fun collection of intermediate to advanced Irish tunes.

For more information about this collection or other viola music, call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit us online at Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

About the Author:
Barb M. has worked in the Keyboard Department at Stanton’s since 1981. An active folk musician in the Columbus area, Barb also works with ensembles at her church and plays in the Columbus State Concert Band. In her spare time, Barb loves working with animals and computer games.

Everyday Composition 21 December, 2018

alfred-47164-frecommended by Jen Sper, School Choral and Classroom Music Specialist

Everyday Composition by Joan Eckroth-Riley
Expand your elementary curriculum with these beautifully illustrated interactive lessons to display on your computer or interactive whiteboard. Each lesson plan begins with a song, poem, or story; invites students to improvise as a group and individually using their voices, recorders, xylophones, or percussion instruments; and progresses to a rubric-based composition project. Along the way, students will organically generate, refine, and share their original musical ideas as they expand their artistic decision-making skills.

May be used alone or as a follow-up to Everyday Improvisation. This interactive resource works on both individual computers and interactive whiteboards, and is PC and Mac compatible. Recommended for Grades 2-5.

About the Author:
Jen Sper has been with Stanton’s since 2006. A former middle school and high school choral director, she holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Baldwin Wallace College Conservatory of Music. An active choral singer and accompanist throughout the Central Ohio area, she also enjoys good food, running (to counteract the good food…) and the Muppets.

Baby Boomer Favorites! 20 December, 2018

00137596-wlSongs of the 1960s is part of The New Decade Series. Each book presents the most popular songs of a decade. Baby boomers will remember some old favorites in this volume: “Proud Mary,” “The Twist,” “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “Downtown,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” and lots more Beatles tunes!

Remember when there was a jukebox in nearly every restaurant, and songs were two for 25 cents? Some restaurants even had a way to pay for your songs at each table – you could drop your quarter in the box and choose your two songs without getting out of your booth to go to the main jukebox! Some bands had funny names – like “The Monkees” who sang “I’m A Believer,” and “The Troggs” who sang “Wild Thing.”

This would make a great last-minute holiday gift for a baby boomer who plays piano or guitar. There are 100 songs, and they all have online backing tracks when you use the code printed inside the book’s cover, so you can just sing along, too! Take a walk down Memory Lane!

For more information about this collection, call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit us online at Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

IPA Made Easy 19 December, 2018

recommended by Jen Sper, School Choral Music Specialist

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. It was devised in the late 19th century as a standardized representation of the sounds of spoken language. The IPA is used by lexicographers, foreign language students and teachers, linguists, speech-language pathologists, actors – and of course, singers!

How many years has it been since your last diction class? These valuable resources are perfect to bring that knowledge back to the forefront so you can use it in your choral classroom and vocal studio!

IPA Made Easy by Anna Wentlent
This handy guidebook is an easy reference for the symbols used in IPA: what they look like and how they are pronounced. Example words for every symbol are included in English, Latin, Italian, German, French, and Spanish. An online resource includes recorded demonstrations of every sound. A clear and concise tool for singing in foreign languages, equally useful in the choir room and the vocal studio.

IPA Made Easy Poster Set by Anna Wentlent
This set of full-color 9″ x 12″ cardstock posters provides a practical tool for teaching the International Phonetic Alphabet and uniform vowel formation. Each poster displays one of the primary vowel sounds, including its IPA symbol, pronunciation, and example words in English, Latin, Italian, German, French, or Spanish. Plus, an online resource offers recorded demonstrations of every sound. Equally useful for choral rehearsal rooms and vocal studios!

About the Author:
Jen Sper has been with Stanton’s since 2006. A former middle school and high school choral director, she holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Baldwin Wallace College Conservatory of Music. An active choral singer and accompanist throughout the Central Ohio area, she also enjoys good food, running (to counteract the good food…) and the Muppets.

Composer Profile: Shawn Kirchner 17 December, 2018

ShawnKirchnerby Jen Sper, School Choral Music Specialist

Shawn Kirchner has recently become a composer name that I am especially excited to see come across my desk. His choral writing is strongly influenced by folk traditions around the world, as evident in both his arrangements and original compositions, which are equally compelling.

A composer/arranger, singer/songwriter, and pianist active in the music circles of Los Angeles, Kirchner’s choral works are performed throughout the world. His appointment in 2012 as the LA Master Chorale’s Swan Family Composer in Residence was the culmination of an ongoing creative relationship with music director Grant Gershon, resulting in numerous commissions and premieres at LA’s Disney Hall. Kirchner has also collaborated with and/or written for many leading choral ensembles across the country, including Conspirare, Santa Fe Desert Chorale, Lorelei Ensemble, San Diego Master Chorale, Los Robles Master Chorale, and the Atlanta Master Chorale.

The music of Shawn Kirchner is available through Stanton’s from a variety of publishers, including Boosey & Hawkes, Oxford University Press, and Santa Barbara Music Publishing. For more information about Shawn and his music, please visit his website.

Stanton’s Recommends: Unclouded Day, Weevily Wheat, Sweet Rivers, I Will Arise and Go, Cornerstone, Wana Baraka

About the Author:
Jen Sper has been with Stanton’s since 2006. A former middle school and high school choral director, she holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Baldwin Wallace College Conservatory of Music. An active choral singer and accompanist throughout the Central Ohio area, she also enjoys good food, running (to counteract the good food…) and the Muppets.

Bada Bing! It’s Spring! 14 December, 2018

recommended by Jen Sper, School Choral and Classroom Music Specialist

Ready to start planning for your elementary spring musical? Here are some exciting new options for all grade levels!

leon-524846Kid Flix by John Jacobson, John Higgins, Tom Anderson & Janet Day
Suggested for Grades 4-8
Performance time: about 25 minutes
Have fun with songs from “Zootopia,” “The Polar Express,” “Monsters Inc.,” “Moana,” “Spider-Man” and “The Peanuts Movie” in this newest Express Musical. The printed black-and-white Singer Editions feature vocal lines only. The Teacher Edition includes piano/vocal arrangements, choreography notes, and access to reproducible program narrations for up to 39 speakers, digital lessons, a full-color nonprintable digital Student Edition for viewing by the whole class or for sending to student devices, and tips for using the digital lessons. To perform with recordings, play or download the recordings with the access code, play directly from your digital lesson page, or purchase the performance/accompaniment CD for a physical copy of the recordings.

alfred-46824-fBada Bing, It’s Spring! by Jill Gallina
Suggested for Grades K-4
Performance time: about 15 minutes
Spring is just around the corner, but the flowers have yet to bloom. The children are waiting for nice weather, the weeds have popped out of the earth, but the flowers remain steadfastly hidden underground. It takes the clever Dandelion Queen to figure out why, and bring about the first blossoms of the season! This charming, easy-to-stage musical is designed specifically for grades K-4. The unison songs, brief rhyming script, creative costume ideas, and simple staging suggestions will make your primary production a snap. Reproducible student pages, full performance and accompaniment recordings, plus full-color cover art are included on the enhanced CD.

leon-524849Yee Haw! by Cristi Cary Miller & Jay Michael Ferguson
Suggested for Grades 1-5
Performance time: about 35 minutes
Come on, dudes and dudettes! Join us for a rollicking western adventure – ride the open range, have a rough ‘n’ tumble hootenanny, share a tale and a song or two, and sleep under the stars. This 35-minute musical adventure features seven songs with rhyming narration and 39 speaking parts adaptable to various cast sizes. The Teacher Edition includes piano/vocal arrangements with choreography, script, helpful production guide and digital access to PDFs of singer songsheets, lyric sheets and narrations. To perform with recordings, there are 2 options. For cost-saving value, the Performance Kit/Audio Access includes the Teacher Edition w/singer PDFs and digital access to performance/accompaniment audio recordings.

Find more creative choices for your young students on our website, or contact us for more ideas! Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

About the Author:
Jen Sper has been with Stanton’s since 2006. A former middle school and high school choral director, she holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Baldwin Wallace College Conservatory of Music. An active choral singer and accompanist throughout the Central Ohio area, she also enjoys good food, running (to counteract the good food…) and the Muppets.

Give the Gift of Music! 13 December, 2018

00145525-wlThe Most Requested Children’s Songs is a great holiday gift for a musical family with young children or for an elementary classroom music teacher. There are 73 songs included, such as Disney songs like “Circle of Life,” old favorites like “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” patriotic songs like “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” and silly songs like “The Unicorn” and “Splish Splash.” There are songs that can be appreciated by kids from kindergarten through 5th grade. The piano accompaniment includes the melody in the right hand, and the songs are in medium vocal ranges.  The book is bound so that it will stay open on the piano – so convenient! Guitar chords are also included so you can strum along.

Call us for more information at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website at Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Creative Programming: Storytelling Through Song 12 December, 2018

recommended by Jen Sper, School Choral Music Specialist

Music has always been used to communicate and to tell stories. Here are a few new choral selections that demonstrate music’s innate storytelling ability, through both masterwork texts and original storylines and melodies.

cfn-cm9538-fThe Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Mark Patterson, TTBB with piano
This TTBB setting of “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” is based on Longfellow’s poem of the same title and captures the mystery, intrigue, and suspense found in this classic story. Throughout the piece, Patterson’s flair for variety and musical interest makes it easy to maintain performance energy and is certain to keep audiences riveted.

Bold Adventures by Philip E. Silvey, 2-part treble with piano
Well-written books can transport young readers, introduce great characters and expose the reader to new and wonderful feelings. This composition hopes to inspire singers to open a new book and travel wherever it takes them.

alfred-46930-fI Saw a Ship Go Sailing by Glenda E. Franklin, 2-part with piano
A piano accompaniment that suggests the gentle rocking of a boat at sea sets the scene for this fanciful nighttime adventure, featuring a text adapted from a traditional nursery rhyme. With a melody built around a minor triad, it’s a clear introduction to minor tonality. A couple of cues allow for optional three-part harmony at the end.

Tell Me What You See by Amy F. Bernon, Unison/2-part with piano
In this charming original, our curious narrator enlists the help of wildlife friends to discover nature’s gifts. Although a thunderstorm puts an end to the activities for the day, “tomorrow will bring more adventures.” Young singers will be delighted by the catchy, energetic melody and fun lyrics.

About the Author:
Jen Sper has been with Stanton’s since 2006. A former middle school and high school choral director, she holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Baldwin Wallace College Conservatory of Music. An active choral singer and accompanist throughout the Central Ohio area, she also enjoys good food, running (to counteract the good food…) and the Muppets.

COMING SOON: January Sacred Choral Clinic 11 December, 2018 Christmas around the corner it seems strange to think that it’s almost time to purchase music for Lent and Easter! Plan to attend Stanton’s Sacred Choral Clinic on Saturday, January 12th 2019, and you’ll be fully prepared for the next “holiday season.”

Saturday January 12th, 2019
9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

We will be featuring the best new choral publications for Lent, Easter and beyond, as chosen by Stanton’s sacred choral staff. This January’s clinic will be held at Livingston United Methodist Church, just a few blocks from our store in downtown Columbus!

Attending this clinic is a fantastic way for you to choose new church anthems for your choir by hearing the music read live. This January’s clinicians will be Stanton’s own Judy Henry and president emeritus Jim Strouse. Please feel free to contact Stanton’s at 1-800-42-MUSIC and speak with a choral staff member for the details of the event. We look forward to seeing you at 8:30 on January 12th for registration, coffee and doughnuts followed by a wonderful morning of singing!

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Sound Percussion 10 December, 2018

alfred-47315-frecommended by Ken Tilger, Band Education Specialist

Sound Percussion by Dave Black & Chris Bernotas
Part of the Sound Innovations family, Sound Percussion fills the need for a comprehensive percussion method that provides a clear progression of notes, rhythms, and skills that can be used for group or individual lessons. Sound Percussion has a clear and flexible approach with plenty of reinforcement.

Sound Percussion contains six sections covering everything from setting up the instruments to percussion ensemble performance, including:
• Sound Rhythm
• Sound Meter
• Sound Rudiments
• Sound Rolls
• Sound Effects
• Sound Performance
Directors can work through the book(s) progressively, or jump from section-to-section in order to address the specific educational needs of their students. The mallet book, however is more sequential by nature of note introduction.

Skills are introduced with a backward-by-design approach. Learning goals are first identified, and then exercises are logically designed with obtainable steps that lead you toward achieving that goal. This is particularly helpful for mallet note recognition and snare drum rolls.

Sound Percussion is a comprehensive resource that’s perfect for teaching your students the fundamentals necessary to becoming well-rounded percussionists. Books available for: Teacher’s Score, Snare Drum and Bass Drum, Mallet Percussion, Timpani, and Accessory Instruments.

About the Author:
A former band director, Ken taught grade 5-12 band and music appreciation in both public and parochial schools in central Ohio. His iPod ranges from jazz to classic and alternative rock, symphonies, and classic songs from Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. His interests include comic books, traditional amusement parks, the Muppets, football and hockey (especially the Steelers and Penguins), and all things Pittsburgh.

Tin Pan Alley 07 December, 2018

leon-00279673-fTin Pan Alley contains 15 favorite songs from Tin Pan Alley arranged by Phillip Keveren “with a touch of jazz.” Standard favorites include “My Melancholy Baby,” “Give My Regards to Broadway,” and “12th Street Rag.” This intermediate collection is fun to play for yourself, for a recital, or for background music at a party. These standard favorites bring a smile to everyone’s face!

For more information about this collection or other collections like it, call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website at Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Meet the Stanton’s Team – Caryn G. 06 December, 2018

Caryn picture.pngWe’ve written before on the Stanton’s blog about our knowledgeable staff. Now, we’d like to give you a chance to get to know our staff on a more personal level. We hope you will get to know the “real” us, and learn how we might better be of service to you!

Caryn G. has over 21 years of experience working at Stanton’s in both the Piano and Choral departments. During her career, she has been a church pianist/accompanist and a piano teacher. Her experience makes her a valuable connection for anybody who calls the piano department.

King’s Singers 50th Anniversary 05 December, 2018

In 2018, the 50th anniversary year of The King’s Singers, there is much celebrating to be done! A 3-disc CD has been recorded by the current members of the group and from that new recording, the most popular songs have been selected for these collections. Known for their consummate artistry in all genres and styles, their interpretations of standard a cappella repertoire and pop and folk music are legendary.

leon-521706The Art of the King’s Singers
Songs include: “Sing Joyfully” (William Byrd), “Sicut Cervus” (G.P. da Palestrina), “In Manus Tuas” (Thomas Tallis), “Musica, Dei Donum” (Orlando de Lassus), “Abendlied” (Josef Rheinberger), “Das ist je Gewisslich Wahr” (Heinrich Schutz), Dessus le Marche D’Arras” (Orlando de Lassus), “All Meine Herzgedanken” (Johannes Brahms), “Die Nacht” (Franz Schubert), “Baisez-moi” (Josquin des Prez), “Rest” (Ralph Vaughan Williams), and “Das G’laut zu Speyer” (Ludwig Senfl).

leon-525005Folk Songs and Fantasies
Songs include: “And I Love Her,” “And So It Goes,” “Danny Boy,” “Down by the Riverside,” “Down with Love,” “I’ll Follow the Sun,” “Loch Lomond,” “Love Is Here to Stay,” “MLK,” “Quand Tu Dors Pres De Moi,” and “That Lonesome Road.”

A Plethora of Programmatic Possibilities for Strings 03 December, 2018

recommended by Dan C., Orchestra Specialist

When your high school winter concert is over, have a few of these outstanding titles waiting in the wings to keep the momentum going. In a wide range of styles, they have interesting, active parts for everyone, so no one will complain of boredom, plus technical elements that can be taught while everyone is enjoying the music and won’t realize they are learning something! Every title would be a outstanding adjudication option and/or a memorable concert addition.

fjh-st6457-fA Riverside Celebration by Brian Balmages, Grade 2.5-3
Written in honor of a retiring Riverside, Illinois music teacher, this rhythmic energizer captures the playfulness of students thriving under the direction of a great teacher and features a memorable melody intentionally designed to stay with the listener long after the piece is over, a reflection of how music teachers never really retire! There is optional percussion (splash cymbal, ride cymbal and tambourine) which would add nice color and stability, but the string writing is so infectiously rhythmic, that it could be done without the percussion, if necessary. All in first position, except for basses, there are a few accidentals and some doublestops using fingered notes with open strings, but otherwise the name of the game is rhythm! Taken in 2, with the quarter note = c. 200, there are a few bars in 3/4 time that create additional momentum, plus a few moments of slight restraint and others that are just carefree childlike fun. The rousing A Riverside Celebration is destined to become one of Balmages best-selling pieces. Don’t miss it!

alfred-46710-fMoment at Angels Landing by Bob Phillips, Grade 3
Written in memory of string teacher and singer/songwriter Jenny McGraw from Waverly, Michgan, here is a beautiful, lyric piece that gives every section melodic content and some shifting, even second violins! With hints of The Water is Wide and quotes of Amazing Grace, your cellos get some of the spotlight as the orchestra subtly wends its way through various meters in the keys of C major and C minor. You can also emphasize a sustained and legato sound with connected bow strokes and sensitive phrasing. A gorgeous change of pace for serious settings.

cfn-cas112-fUnleashed by Peter Terry, Grade 3
Capture the exhilaration of being set in motion with unlimited optimism and energy! Unleashed is a rhythmic and propulsive galop that spins off lyrical material as it drives to a climactic finish that is both exciting and fun. Subdivided counting is key, as well as keeping the pulse steady as the piece propels itself forward. Sure to be a showstopper!

Yumiweeus by Richard Meyer, Grade 4
Echoing the increasingly popular, youthfully mature notion of “coming together to common ground,” this joyful and jubilant piece has the sound of a celebration and a title that describes how music unites us all – (You-Me-We-Us!) Written primarily as a Theme and Six Variations, Richard Meyer puts your players through their paces with various time signatures (5/4, 3+3+2/8 among others), key signatures and modes (E Ionian and more) to keep them challenged. Duets featuring the first stand players of every section introduce the first five variations and a virtuosic final variation closes the piece. So many of Meyer’s pieces have that “it” factor that puts them in a class by themselves, and Yumiweeus does not disappoint. If you’re got the horses this year, be sure to consider this winner.

kendor-9961-fAria for Strings by Frank J. Halferty, Grade 4
To help your high school students build their maturity of sound and musicality, this gorgeous, singing selection will increase their awareness, through listening to each other, how their parts all fit together and whose line should dominate in the musical fabric at any given moment. Lower voices should lead crescendos for richness and fullness, but must not decay too slowly on decrescendos, leaving the upper voices unsupported. These are among the many subtleties in this piece that can be taught to make a group that much more musical – plus you’ll have a beautiful contrasting piece to your more lively literature in your repertoire.

grandm-gmmor194-fScherzo on Rising Water by Robert Moore, Grade 4
If you have students that have pretty good “chops,” love to tackle grade 4 material, and enjoy music off the beaten track, be sure to check out Scherzo for Rising Water. It’s crazily syncopated enough that at first it’s difficult to find the downbeat, but then, like storm clouds opening, the sun shines through and you are flowing with the tide. When all the parts fit together it’s got a great groove, much like quirky video game music, but it will take intense counting and subdivision from the start to make that happen. If your students are up to the challenge, they will absolutely love this one.

About the Author:
Dan C. has worked at Stanton’s since 1979, primarily with orchestra music and print promotions. A “working” musician, he’s a classical cellist, a rock & jazz bassist and a folk & country guitarist/singer. His free time is spent with family or reading, gardening, cycling and working puzzles. His series of musical puzzles (RP3 Rebus Puzzle Picture People) can be found on the Stanton’s Facebook page each Sunday. He also has a reputation as a pretty good joke teller. Seriously.