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Native American Heritage for Concert Band Thursday, December 19, 2019

kolomoki r. alan carterrecommended by Ken T., Band Education Specialist

Kolomoki by R. Alan Carter, Grade 1
The Kolomoki Mounds are one of the largest and earliest Woodland Period earthwork mound complexes in the Southeastern United States. Constructed between 350–600 A.D., the eight mounds include a Great Temple Mound, a ceremonial mound, several burial mounds and a large plaza in the center where some 1,500 residents lived in a large village of thatched houses. This rhythmic piece pulses with life and celebrates the Swift Creek and Weeden Island Indian peoples who lived there. “Kolomoki” is designed to make your beginners sound great.

earth and sky michael sweeneyEarth and Sky by Michael Sweeney, Grade 3
The Native American Omaha Tribe believed in an inseparable union between earth and sky. Commissioned for the Nebraska All-State 8th Grade Band, Michael Sweeney’s “Earth and Sky” celebrates this ideal with a balance of woodwind motifs and delicate textures (sky) contrasted with an underlying percussion ostinato and feature spots (earth). Rich chordal accompaniments and soaring melodies provide continuity and flow in this dynamic work for band.

native american homage kevin mixonNative American Homage by Kevin Mixon, Grade 3.5
To honor Native American cultures, Kevin Mixon has creatively scored “Native American Homage.” This work represents music typically heard at many modern-day powwows, commingling authentic sounds of nature and intertribal music. Contrasting lyrical and bravura sections authentically and respectfully present a substantive introduction to America’s oldest known indigenous music. This compelling new work will move audiences and draw critical acclaim.

Legends in the Mist by Michael Sweeney, Grade 3
Here is a compelling, evocative piece based on Native American folklore. The blend of inventive melodies, biting rhythms, exotic percussion, and special effects performed by the entire band, once again demonstrates Michael’s solid, confident craftsmanship for today’s concert groups.

arikara victor lopezArikara by Victor Lopez, Grade 1
This original composition highlights the Arikara Native American Indian tribe and integrates music and history into one cohesive learning experience. Guaranteed to meet your music needs and common core competencies.

Etowah by Brian Balmages, Grade 1.5
Heavily influenced by Native American sounds, “Etowah” pays homage to the great Cherokee and Creek nations that once thrived in modern day Georgia. The opening sounds echo the spirit of the ancient city of Etowah before the music builds, taking the listener back to when the city thrived. Including a large battery of percussion, innovative harmonies, and interesting textures not normally found in young band music, this is certain to be a huge favorite!

twas in the moon of wintertime robert w. smith‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime arr. Robert W. Smith, Grade 4
“’Twas in the Moon of Wintertime” is a traditional Canadian carol which was originally written in the Huron Indian language by a Jesuit missionary. Robert W. Smith captures the mystique of the native Indian culture, and voices the percussion to be as ‘ethnically’ accurate as possible. This is pure Robert W. Smith scoring. Haunting!

The Moon of Winter arr. Vince Gassi, Grade 2
Vince Gassi’s moving adaptation of this traditional carol is a fine selection for any concert. The melody is presented in various styles through sections of the band, and characteristic percussion and interesting harmonies keep the work moving forward.

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