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Dave Wolpe… still at it! Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Secret LoveThe name “Dave Wolpe” has been synonymous with great jazz arranging for decades. If you want a wonderful sounding big band chart, at any level, Dave Wolpe is the guy. Plugging Dave’s name into the Stanton’s database brings up a whopping 685 line items! Granted, some of those are scores and individual parts for collections, but still!!!

Dave is in the thick of it again this year with Alfred Publications. We’re just getting a whiff of the new charts this year but an early entry is Dave’s arrangement of the jazz classic, Secret Love. Scored at about a grade 3.5, this a is a WONDERFUL trombone section feature at a moderate swing tempo. Written solos are provided but the chart is so well written that your students will feel confident stretching out on their own.

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