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Up On the Roof… Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stanton'sRiddle me this - what was 25 years old, rubber, leaking and needing to be replaced.  Answer: Stanton's old roof!  When the previous owner of Stanton's Sheet Music purchased the former A&P grocery store building, he was on borrowed time before he needed to protect his investment and replace the roof.  Fast forward to today, 25 years later: the original 20 year warranty on the roof ran out and so did the effectiveness of protecting the building.  The past couple of weeks have been noisy around the store, but it was all worth it because the roofing crew completed the job this past weekend and Stanton's now has a brand new roof installed!

Today's generation of roofing technology is vastly different than it was in the 80's.  Even though it's still a rubber roof, the material resembles more of a cloth material with rubber melted around it, almost like a thick latex glove.  Instead of using a glue adhesive to glue the seams of each panel together, they use a glue residue that reacts to high temperature heat and welds the seams together, for a more permanent bond between each panel.  You could also say Stanton's is “going green” because the color of our new roof is white, which reflects the sun's ultraviolet rays, versus the old black rubber roof which absorbed the heat.  Here are some photos documenting the weeks-long project:

Stanton's roof top pictures 012The old black rubber roof.  Note the puddles of water collecting on the roof - we were afraid we might start feeling raindrops falling on our heads!




Stanton's roof top pictures 014The truck arrives, and the workers get down to business!  To the employees inside, it sure sounded like they were dancing on the ceiling.




Stanton's roof top pictures 036The roofers had to tear the roof off the sucker all the way down to the structural beams.  From inside the warehouse, we could even see rays of light shining through!




Stanton's roof top pictures 025The roof was installed starting over the warehouse, then the sales floor and finally the workshop hall.





Stanton's roof top pictures 004-1

And here's our beautiful, brand-new roof - completed!



Come visit us and check it out for yourself!

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