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Jim Strouse and John Stanton

Jim Strouse and John Stanton

The Stanton's Staff would like to congratulate two of our favorite former employees on their induction into the Columbus Senior Musicians Hall of Fame (CSMHOF). Well, not just former employees, but the two former OWNERS of Stanton's Sheet Music, both of whom went into the Hall of Fame together in a ceremony on Saturday, June 6th. John Stanton opened Stanton's Sheet Music in 1960 after a long career of being a band director. He retired in 1975 after selling the company to Jim Strouse, who was also a former band director and businessman.

The CSMHOF goals are to recognize area musicians active in the Columbus music scene from the 1920′s to the present, and to thoroughly document the history of popular music in this area. The organization started in 1996 and inducts area musicians that have contributed to the music culture of Columbus, either by playing in bands that were popular in the day, or by influencing young musicians as they were taking private instruction. Many of the inductees were former band directors or professional businessmen that enjoyed playing music in the community.

Congratulations to both gentlemen–your years of participation with the Columbus music scene certainly merit this honor!

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