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Everybody's popular music for guitar, Books 1 and 2 Monday, June 22, 2009

Have you ever had trouble finding easy pop music for guitar for yourself or a student.  The FJH Music Company has produced 2 new books of pop songs for guitar that fill that niche. Â  Book 1 of Everybody’s Popular Music for Guitar has a blend of pop, folk,  and classical songs on an early level.  You or your student can play the melody, or strum along with the chords.  This book will fit in nicely with any  level one method book  for guitar.  It includes This Land is Your Land, The House of the Rising Sun, Can You Feel the Love, Tonight, and more. 

Book 2 of Everybody’s Popular Music for Guitar includes pop, rock, classical,  and blues songs.  There are duets for teacher and student, or 2 students. Chords are fuller and a little more complicated that in Book 1. New strumming patterns are introduced.  Songs include Nights in White Satin, Misty, What a Wonderful World, Saint Louis Blues, and She Loves You.

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