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Pink Floyd: The Wall Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pink Floyd AnthologyOn July 21st 1990, Pink Floyd resurrected their highly successful Wall Tour of the 1980's and staged a spectacular show on the ruins of the Berlin Wall.  The tenured rock group performed for an estimated 400,000 people. Â Also, the show was broadcast in 35 countries where an additional 500 million people were estimated to have watched the groundbreaking event. 

Pink Floyd is a British progressive rock band who began their career in 1965.  The albums “Dark Side of the Moon” and “The Wall” have remained among the most highly praised and top selling presses of all time by critics and fans alike.

Here at Stanton's Sheet Music, you are able to purchase much of the explosive and innovative music that this astounding band has given to the world of music.  Guitar Tab and Piano/vocal editions of “Dark Side of the Moon” are available for order, as are several other sheet music editions of Pink Floyd's music.  The Pink Floyd Anthology includes some of the greatest songs written over the long and prosperous career of perhaps one of the greatest musical ensembles of the 20th century.

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