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Tweet, Tweet, Tweet… Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No, it’s not another bird wandering into the building, it’s the next step for Stanton’s Sheet Music in social networking!

With today’s busy world of instant updates, what better way than Twitter to find out what’s happening at Stanton’s? Of course, when we have a lot to say we still use the blog, but the tweets can be a good source of entertainment relative to our world of sheet music. With only 140 characters per tweet, we’ll be brief, light-hearted and fun. For those of you who use Twitter already, you understand some of the benefits. For those of you who don’t use Twitter yet, you’ll find a community of people that you never would have been able to get in touch with before. 

Stanton’s knows networking is huge these days–it’s our way of being connected to you and vice-versa. So join our following by logging in and searching StantonsMusic in the search engine.

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