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OSU favorite, “Hang on Sloopy!” Friday, October 01, 2010

Hang on Sloopy, a favorite song among Buckeye fans, was written by Wes Farrell and Bert Russell. The McCoys originally performed the song  and it  hit #1 on the charts in October of 1965.  The song is named for Dorothy Sloop, an entertainer in her own right.  Several bands have played this song over the years. It was first played by the OSU marching band on October 9, 1965 during a home game against Illinois. John Tatgenhorst–a band member–arranged the song for the band and convinced the director to play it.  It became such a favorite that it is played before the 4th quarter of every game.

Hang on Sloopy is included in a the “Songs of the 60′s” collection from Hal Leonard,  and is also available for digital download as a single. A recording of the OSU marching band playing Hang on Sloopy  is available from Stanton’s on three different CD’s:  “Buckeye Brass,” “I Wanna Go Back,” and “Pride of the Buckeyes.”

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