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Technology Resources for Elementary Music Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wondering how you, the music teacher, can get in on that technology grant money? Here are some great resources for finding ways to incorporate computers and more to enhance your elementary music lessons:

Mr. Zig’s Literacy, Music & Technology Connection   
By Zig Wajler
This is an outstanding resource for K-12 teachers seeking to integrate technology and the arts. Learn the process of creating, composing, recording, and producing a song. Includes a CD “Loop Library” and reproducible pages. Incorporates MENC’s National Standards for Music Education.

Technology Integration in the Elementary Music Classroom
by Amy M. Burns
Technology Integration in the Music Classroom is a landmark resource for elementary school teachers who wish to enhance their curriculum with the excitement of music technology. The lessons can be adapted and used in a general classroom setting with one computer, or in a classroom where the music teacher transports the materials “on a cart.” Support audio files, MIDI files, and other electronic documents can be accessed for free through a dedicated web site. Includes a glossary and index.

Integrating Technology with Music Instruction
By Greg Foreman and Kyle Pace
A comprehensive guide to implementing technology within the music classroom, Integrating Technology with Music Instruction offers practical strategies for utilizing technology to increase student learning, motivation and engagement and provide opportunities for essential music skills to be effectively taught and retained. Teachers will also learn how to reduce administrative obligations and explore professional growth opportunities. Incorporates MENC’s National Standards for Music Education

A Wide World of WebVisits
Jeanette Morgan
Cross the curriculum bridge with these easy-to-use, multi-faceted lessons based around music websites and written by a team of master educators including Artie Almeida and Patricia Bourne. A perfect resource for music appreciation classes, these lessons will enable your students to explore everything from African music and rare instruments like Benjamin Franklin's glass armonica to world-class orchestras and arts organizations without ever stepping out of the classroom. From ten-minute “excursions” to full-blown units, you will surely find a “WebVisit” suited to your particular needs and curricular goals.

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