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New Volume Release: Sevcik's “The School of Violin Technics” Tuesday, April 12, 2011

G. Schirmer has just released Otakar Sevcik’s “The School of Violin Technics, Parts 1-4, Op. 1″ in one complete volume, previously only available as separate editions.  Each volume focuses on different excersises - Part 1: Exercises in First Position, Part 2: Exercises in Second to Seventh Positions, Part 3: Shifting (Changing of Position) and Part 4: Exercises in Double Stops – all very important exercises for developing violinists.

Who was Otakar Sevcik?
Sevcik’s career began in 1870 as concertmaster of the Mozarteum concerts in Salzburg, where he also taught. After 1873, he was concertmaster at the Prague Interim (Provisional) Theatre Ring Theatre in Vienna. From 1875 to 1892 he was professor of violin at the music school of the Russian Music Society in Kiev, at the same time appearing frequently as soloist. In 1892 he became head of the violin department at the Prague Conservatory, where he remained until 1906. He then taught privately in Pisek. In 1909, he became director of the Violin Department at the Vienna Music Academy, until 1918, when at the end of World War I his nationality forced him to leave his position. He returned to the Prague Conservatory, where he stayed until 1921. He afterwards travelled in the United States and Great Britain as a teacher.

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