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You Can Teach Yourself Autoharp Wednesday, May 04, 2011

At first, the Autoharp was generically called a “chorded zither.”  “Autoharp” and “Chromaharp” are actually trademark names for the Schmidt and Rhythm Band chorded zithers, respectively.  Most have 15 chords in 2 rows, some have 21 chords in 3 rows.

So what do you do with this box that has 36 strings stretched across it.  “You Can Teach Yourself Autoharp” from Mel Bay Publications, explains how to tune it, how to hold it and how to strum it.  Playing this delightful folk instrument is made easy with 48 folk tunes.  About 20 styles of strumming are taught so you can liven up the songs you play.  Have a look at this book and other Autoharp books online, or call Stanton’s at 1-800-42-MUSIC  for more information about music for this fun Appalachian folk instrument!

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