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Are you looking to play again? Monday, May 16, 2011

Westerville Community Band

Are you a former band member who played an instrument in high school or college who wishes you hadn’t stopped playing.  Why not pull your instrument out of the closet (or from under the bed), dust off the case, grab some reeds or valve oil, and join a local community band. 

Central Ohio is a hotbed of active, quality groups - a testament to the area school band programs – and there’s something for everyone.  The vast majority are open to anyone wanting to play, most perform throughout the year, though some may be summers only, and age and experience participation ranges from those just out of high school or college, to adults in other professions, senior citizens, and even some area professional musicians. 

Too many adults we speak with express regret over quitting band at some point in their lives, or would love to have continued playing after they finished college.  Community bands provide just such an opportunity – an enjoyable, safe environment to begin playing and learning music again, an opportunity to make new friends, and one more way to enrich our lives, as well as the communities and region in which we live.

Use the links below to find the group that best suits you.  If you don’t feel inclined to begin playing again,  check out the performance schedules and attend a concert or two.  You’ll be glad you did.

*If you would like to contribute any groups not on this list, please add them via the comment field (include group name and website).

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