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Stanton's Launches its New Website! Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Wednesday, June 8th, Stanton’s launched its brand new, redesigned website to the public! After a year of planning, site design graphics and new programming, Stanton’s is proud to debut its newest creation. Â The new website is actually three websites in one: Stanton’s main homepage–built for everyone to use and encompassing most everything a musician would want to see, the Stanton’s Digital Delivery page–for customers who want music instantly and don’t mind music not having a cover or fancy artwork, and Stanton’s Listening Library–designed especially for music educators looking for product recordings to help in building their concerts and programs.

In developing the new website, Stanton’s focused on enhancing communication with the customer, including suggestions of new products, timely recommendations and ease of use in navigating the website. To help highlight new products, Stanton’s incorporated its social networking features–our Facebook page, WordPress blog and Twitter feed–directly onto the website. Many of our recommendations are written and published daily, so the website’s new design layout displays the latest articles, postings and tweets using RSS feeds directly from the networks!

Throughout the redesigned website is an ever changing list of new products hot off the presses! There are multiple flash viewers that display the latest new products for customers to see.  Also designed into each of the main categories is an area with click-able “tabs” that allows the Stanton’s staff to present events, products, features, staff picks, favorites, seasonal suggestions, best sellers, videos, or anything that we feel relates best to our customers. Â Each of these main category pages is specific to a particular musical focus–like “Orchestra Music“–and as the seasons change, so do the subjects and suggestions in this area. We’re very excited about this new feature, allowing Stanton’s the flexibility to be ever evolving.

We’d be so honored if you would take the time to explore our new site and provide us with some feedback–we hope that you’ll find it makes your shopping experience even easier!

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