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Stanton's LIVE! Friday, September 23, 2011

What’s the best way to review new music.  LIVE!

Throughout the year, Stanton’s provides reading session and workshop opportunities for directors of all kinds, so that you can experience the music yourself – LIVE – as you make your decisions. We also encourage you to call Stanton’s highly educated staff, and speak LIVE with someone about the specific needs of your ensemble. You can even email us, and be sure that the response will be from a real, LIVE individual who knows the repertoire and can make focused recommendations for you. If, after all these person-to-person, LIVE options, you still want more–check out Stanton’s YouTube channel.

On our channel, you will find videos about the various workshops that we offer, short segments that highlight new products about which we’re especially excited, and highlights from some of our recent reading sessions. There’s even a thorough video history of Stanton’s (that was somehow passed over by “the Academy”).

We offer so many ways for you to connect with our staff and their wealth of combined knowledge, that there’s never any need to be less than confident about your music purchases. If you have other ideas/requests for content on our YouTube channel, our website or this blog, we’d love to hear from you–LIVE!

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