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Organ Hymn Prelude Library Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Organ Music, Hymn Prelude Library Volume 1,  A – Azmon

By the time the arrangers at Concordia are done, there will be a full set of 12 volumes of hymn preludes based on the hymn tunes of the Lutheran Service Book.  This first volume covers “A Va De” through “Azmon”, and each volume will contain hymn tunes in alphabetical order.

These preludes have been newly composed, are 2-4 pages long, and are perfect for preludes, postludes, offertories, or introductions.  Over 100 composers are contributing to this endeavor, so a rich assortment of styles, harmonies and registrations is in each volume.

Check  out this volume of organ sheet music at or Many hymn tunes are not specific to any one denomination, so this can be very useful to any church organist! You may call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC to inquire about this volume and other collections of organ music.

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