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Teaching Jazz with Freddie the Frog! Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Introduce jazz to your elementary students with through the engaging world of “Freddie the Frog!”

In “Freddie the Frog and the Flying Jazz Kitten,” Freddie finds adventure again when some cool jazz cats fly their plane to Treble Clef Island to pick up a new horn. With the help of the Flying Jazz Kitten and a swingin’ beat, Freddie becomes a jazz sensation. The enclosed audio CD includes the dramatized story, sing-along songs and an instrumental blues track to create your own special scat.

Scat singing is the easiest way for kids to begin developing their jazz chops, but singing nonsense syllables as a soloist can be unnerving. The “Scat Singing for Kids” teacher’s guide contains a detailed step-by-step process that creates a “safe zone.” Using this guide, in partnership with the “Scat Words” flash cards, will help you lead even the most insecure student to uninhibited scattin’ fun!

You can separately purchase Freddie’s 5th Adventure “The Flying Jazz Kitten” Book/CD, the “Scat Words” flashcard set, and the “Scat Singing for Kids” teacher’s guide, or buy all three products together in one, cost-saving bundle! All of these products are in stock and ready to ship from Stanton’s.

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