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Teach Your Young Band 3/4 Friday, November 16, 2012

After establishing the basics of playing in 4/4 and 2/4 time signatures with beginning bands, most groups then move on to 3/4 – it’s easy to count, and still uses the quarter note as the basis for each beat.  Finding pieces to teach and reinforce this concept can be challenging, but as our band staff was checking out the new band titles for this year, we noticed a variety of quality pieces in different styles and tempi that are perfect for working on 3/4.

Lyrical Works
Daydreaming, Gary Fagan – Grade 1
In the Garden, arr. Andrew Glover – Grade 2.5
Mosswood Lullaby, Brian Beck – Grade 1
Twilight Serenade, Steve Hodges – Grade 1
Water’s Edge, Steve Hodges – Grade 2

Adventure & Programmatic Works
Adversary, Larry Clark – Grade 1.5
The Beast, Michael Story – Grade 0.5
Blunderbuss Battles, Ralph Ford – Grade 1.5
Ghost Ship, arr. Michael Story – Grade 1
The Siege of Harlech Castle, Robert Sheldon – Grade 1

Concert Overture & Christmas
The Cherry Tree Carol, arr. Johnnie Vinson – Grade 1.5
Winds of Celebration, Tyler S. Grant – Grade 2.5

Folk & Classical
De Colores, arr. Douglas Wagner – Grade 1
Slavonic Dance #1, Dvorak/arr. Story – Grade 1

Movies & TV
Themes from Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang, arr. Douglas Wagner – Grade 1
Game of Thrones, arr. Michael Brown – Grade 2

Keep following the Stanton’s blog for more great teaching ideas – Coming Soon: Authentic New Arrangements for concert band, pieces for Teaching Odd and Mixed Meter, and the Best New Advanced Concert Band!

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