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Music Budget – Use It or Lose It! Friday, May 10, 2013

String Teachers – do you still have money left on a Purchase Order that you need to spend – or you’ll lose it? Get the best “Bang for your Buck” with one or more of the newest String Supplement books for young players:

Essential Musicianship for Strings – Fundamental Ensemble Concepts
Essential Musicianship for Strings – Intermediate Ensemble Concepts
by Michael Allen, Robert Gillespie and Pamela Tellejohn Hayes
*Rounds and Arrangements, correlating with the Essential Elements 2000 for Strings, Book 1 and 2
*The Fundamental book centers around the keys of D, G and C major
*The Intermediate book is based on the keys  D, A, F, Bb major plus g and d minor
*Through rounds, teach how different musical lines can be performed at the same time
* Establish a foundation for playing ensemble music as they learn to listen and play with other parts

Steps to Successful Ensembles
by Jeremy Woolstenhulme
*For first to second year players, loosely correlated with String Basics method book
*More advanced players can use it for sight-reading practice
*24 ensemble pieces, original compositions and arrangements, sequentially presented in order of difficulty
*Starts with short all-pizzicato selections and concludes with J. S. Bach’s Peasant Cantata
*Each piece has optional piano accompaniment, three have optional percussion

Sound Innovations – Sound Development
Warm-Up Exercises for Tone and Technique for Intermediate String Orchestra
by Bob Phillips and Kirk Moss
*Emphasis on playing with a characteristic beautiful string sound
*Tone – Bowing lanes, bow weight, bow speed
*Bowing – right hand skills and specific techniques – hooked bowings, martele, spiccato, colle
*Shifting – starting with harmonics and presented through finger patterns.  3rd & 5th and an introduction to 2nd & 4th
*Scales/Arpeggios – one or two octaves, up through 3 sharps and 3 flats, traditional and alternate fingerings
*Chorales/Rhythms – harmonized chorales and drones plus rhythm exercises in a variety of meters

and coming off the press soon…
Sound Innovations – Sound Development
Warm-Up Exercises for Tone and Technique for Advanced String Orchestra
by Bob Phillips and Kirk Moss

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