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New Grade 3-4 for Orchestra Monday, August 05, 2013

Hey String Teachers! Holy Cow! Have you looked at your calendar? It’s almost August! School is just around the corner! It’s time to start thinking about what music you are going to use to start the new school year!

Here are some of the pieces that got the most positive responses at the Stanton’s Sheet Music New Music Reading Sessions at the Ohio State University String Teacher Workshop in early July. Check them out on our sheet music website:

THE MOLDAU by Bedrich Smetana/arr. Albert Wang
Ludwig/Masters    50250071    Gr. 3    $45.00
-Explore E minor/G major contrasts, as well as Ab major, 6/8/ time, shifting in all but 2nd violin
-Being a full orchestra pieces redone for strings only, everyone has active parts to make it shine
-Solid, programmable string arrangement of the famous Bohemian River programmatic gem.

ASPIRE – A Dream Fulfilled by Bob Phillips
Highland/Etling/Alfred    40490    Gr. 3    $48.00
-Mixed meter with constant quarter note pulse, accidentals, shifting in all but 2nd violin
-Gorgeous, flowing melodies and counter-melodies will keep everyone satisfied
-Absolutely beautiful & modern, but not far out; a soul soaring experience

DOMINI FILI (from Gloria) by Antonio Vivaldi/arr. by Steven Frackenpohl
Kendor    10001    Gr. 3+    $52.00
-Hooked bowing lesson on dotted eighth/sixteenth rhythms; scales and arpeggios
-Vivaldi’s string and choral parts wonderfully melded together so all parts are active
-Joyous piece performable any time of year in concert or adjudication settings

Highland/Etling/Alfred    40482    Gr. 3.5    $48.00
-Experience all the rhythmic options of 6/8 time, dabble in Bb, pit 3 against 2
-Everyone’s part is active and they all rely on one another for cohesion
-Challenging, playable, enjoyable musical depiction of English horseback riding.

PIZZICATO BLUES by Darren Mitchell
Grand Mesa Music    GMMOR100    Gr. 4    $50.00
-Keeping the internal pulse within syncopation.  Lots of accidentals.  All pizzicato.
-Syncopated, independent parts that rely closely on one another.  Beat one is rare!
-Impressive when polished, students will love the video game music feel of it.

Contact Stanton’s Orchestra Department for more great recommendations!

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