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Essential Elements Name Change Thursday, September 12, 2013

Band & Orchestra Directors ~

In case you haven’t heard, Hal Leonard is in the process of revising the title of the Essential Elements band and string methods.  Beginning this year, the series is receiving a fresh new look with some subtle changes to the cover, and reverting from Essential Elements 2000 to Essential Elements for Band and Essential Elements for Strings.

While the cover has changed slightly, the contents of the books remain identical, so orders for Essential Elements books will be filled with a mix of the new and Essential Elements 2000 covers until the “2000” editions have run out.  We have already received new editions of Book 1 for both band and strings, and are almost out of the “2000” cover editions for each, so this transition is almost complete.  The title change is taking place with Book 2 and Essential Technique, as well, so orders for these volumes will continue being filled with the “2000” cover editions with the transition taking place over the next year.  The only real change to the Essential Elements methods is the addition of the Essential Elements Interactive features which you can check out here.

Also, to remain consistent with the publisher’s listings the original Essential Elements series (purple, green, & black for band; red, blue, & green for strings) are being titled just that – Essential Elements (Original Edition).

We hope this helps avoid confusion with your method book orders, and we thank you for ordering your methods with Stanton’s Sheet Music – Your Partner in Music Education.

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