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2018 OMEA Concert Band Required Lists Preview Thursday, June 29, 2017

by Ken Tilger, Band Education Specialist –

It’s the end of June and you know what that means – the much-anticipated revisions to the OMEA Concert Band required lists for 2018 have been decided.  I have included a preview of the changes to the high school lists below.  While all of the Standard Repertoire selections continue to remain the same, there have been quite a number of changes to the balance of each list.  You can preview all of the lists, including Junior High/Middle School, here.  It’s never too early to start planning (we field numerous phone calls about the revisions throughout the month of June!) so have at it, and be sure to shop Stanton’s for all of your concert band music needs!  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

OMEA 2018 HS Class AA
Removed:  8 titles
New: 3 titles – Art in the Park, Cathedrals, Reflections on an Old Japanese Folk Song
From Past Lists: 6 titles – Carmina Burana, Finale from Symphony #1, Lord of the Rings Symphony Mvt 1: Gandalf, Lord of the Rings Symphony Mvt 5: Hobbits, No Shadow of Turning, Of Sailors and Whales

OMEA 2018 HS Class A
Removed: 7 titles
New: 2 titles – Industrial Loops, When Hearts Tremble
From Past Lists: 5 titles – Four Dance Episodes, Light Cavalry Overture, A Longford Legend, Valley of the Kings, The Witch and the Saint

OMEA 2018 HS Class B
Removed: 7 titles
New: 4 titles – Einherjar (Warriors of Valhalla), Folksong Festival, From Gold, Red Hills Saga
From Past Lists: 3 titles – For the Fallen, Incantations, Manatee Lyric Overture

OMEA 2018 HS Class C
Removed: 8 titles
New: 6 titles – Fable, Hoverboard (see Montoya Music), The Lost Temple, On Golden Wings, Polar Vortex, Twittering Machine
From Past Lists: 2 titles – Regenesis (Song of the Planet), Silver Jubilee Overture

About the Author:

A former band director, Ken taught grade 5-12 band and music appreciation in both public and parochial schools in central Ohio, and joined the Stanton’s team in 2004. His iPod ranges from jazz and funk to classic and alternative rock, and symphonies.  Besides music, he geeks out on comic books, amusement parks, hockey (especially the Back-to-Back Stanley Cup Champion Penguins), and all things Pittsburgh.

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