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Tubby the Tuba Tuesday, August 22, 2017

74-0525477179“Tubby the Tuba,” written by Raul Tripp and illustrated by Henry Cole, is the timeless story of a tuba who just wants to play the melody! This wonderful children’s story is over 60 years old, and it is still a top seller. Music teachers buy it for their classroom, parents buy it for young children, friends of parents-to-be buy a copy for a baby shower gift. Customers here in the store will often pick up a copy from the counter and leaf through it, sharing fond childhood memories of Tubby. This lovely edition also includes a CD of the accompanying music.

If you don’t own a copy of this book, if you or the kids wore it out, or if you are a new elementary school teacher, this book is for you! And remember – shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

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