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EVERYBODY PLAYS: Guitar Ensembles Tuesday, September 26, 2017

recommended by Barb M., Keyboard and Folk Music Specialist

g1043Looking for exciting music for guitar ensembles in the classroom or studio? The FJH series “Everybody’s Guitar Method” has two great sets of guitar ensembles perfect for up to six players. The arrangers, Philip Groeber and Matthew Joy, have written parts at varying skill levels to accommodate as many players as possible. Recordings are included to assist the student in the important skills of accurate note playing and rhythm.

“Everybody’s Guitar Ensembles” is designed to teach guitarists how to perform well with other musicians – a valuable school for students as they learn! All pieces in this book are adaptable to either pick-style playing or classical technique, and have been carefully graded so that beginning students may participate very early in their music training. The easiest ensemble uses all quarter notes (except for the final note), with each performer playing natural notes on only one string (each part using a different string). New concepts such as sharps, flats, chords, and other rhythm values are introduced gradually throughout the book.

EVERYBODY PLAYS! #1 includes “Amazing Grace,” “Go, Tell It On the Mountain,” “Hope It’s Santa,” “Look At the Stars,” and “Mary Ann.” EVERYBODY PLAYS #2 includes “Blues for Fela,” “El Condor Pasa,” “Fur Elise,” “Ja-Da,” and “Relentless Rocker.”

Find more resources for guitar ensembles on our website, and shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

About the Author:
Barb M. has worked in the Keyboard Department at Stanton’s since 1981. An active folk musician in the Columbus area, Barb also works with ensembles at her church and plays in the Columbus State Concert Band. In her spare time, Barb loves working with animals and computer games.

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