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Behind the Scenes: It’s That Time of Year… 04 December, 2014

by Ken Tilger, Band Education Specialist –

The holidays are already upon us. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner. For the Stanton’s staff it means that convention season is also here! This winter we will be exhibiting (and selling!) music at music educators’ professional conferences in New York (NYSSMA), Michigan (MMC), Ohio (OMEA), Kentucky (KMEA), and, for the first time, The Midwest Clinic. These conferences are a great opportunity to talk shop directly with our expert staff, meet customers face-to-face that we may recognize by name (and voice!), and besides, it gets us out of the store! Ever wonder how our 6-8 booths of music get to your state conference? Check out the slideshow below to see how we pull, pack, and transport thousands of sheet music titles and accessory items, and if we’re exhibiting at your conference be sure to stop by the Stanton’s booth (under the big blue balloon) and say “hello”!

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About the Author:
Ken is a former band director, and has been with Stanton’s since 2004. All he wants for Christmas is a Pittsburgh Penguins tuque, Guardians of the Galaxy on blu-ray, and some heavy-duty outerwear so he can play in the snow with his son this winter!

Organ Music for Thanksgiving 16 October, 2014

Stanton’s has a good selection of literature  for Thanksgiving organ music.  “Thankfulness and Praise ” is a collection of 0800675797 9781451424188bten organ settings by Lynn Petersen.  It includes “Come, Ye Thankful People, Come”,  “For the Bread Which You Have Broken”, and eight more.  These are medium difficulty with some some pedal work.  Another good source of material is the Augsburg Organ Library’s “November” collection.  This volume of intermediate to advanced pieces  includes over thirty selections, including “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” and “For All the Saints”.  Either (or both) of these collections can be a wonderful source of material for the Fall season and the month of November.  More collections of this type can be found on our website under “organ”, then “Thanksgiving”.  Check our website at, email us at, or call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC for more information.  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Augsburg Organ Library 19 September, 2014

augsburg organ LibraryDuring the twentieth century, the organ experienced a resurgence of interest.   Music from the 16th and 17th centuries was rediscovered.  Modern composers began to arrange favorite hymn tunes with newer harmonic structures and rhythmic possibilities.  New music was composed that has a contemporary feel.  Organ settings were written by contemporary composers and arrangers for new hymns and some contemporary worship songs. The Augsburg Organ Library is a collection of organ books organized for the church year.  There is a book for Lent, a book for augsburg organ library2Easter, etc.  Go to and then type in Augsburg Organ Library.  You will be able to see the books available and their contents. For  more information about this music or other organ music,  call 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website at or visit  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

EZ Play Today Organ Books 04 June, 2014

The EZ Play Today series from the Hal Leonard music company has been a staple in the music industry for years.  The series features up-to-date collections of easy music, such as “Wicked00100223” , in addition to collections of easy sheet music for standards. There are collections of hymns, and collections of contemporary Christian songs.  The melody has the name of the note printed inside the note head.  Chord names are printed above the staff for either the organ or guitar.  Thousands of songs are included in this line of easy books.  The lyrics are included.  The EZ Play Today books are great for beginning organists and recreational organists.  You don’t have to be a Bach-playing virtuoso to enjoy playing music on the organ!  For more information about these organ books or other music for keyboards, call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC. email us at, or visit our website,  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Organ Music for Weddings 25 April, 2014

Wedding organists, are you looking for a good collection of standard wedding music for preludes and recessionals?  Standard Wedding Music for Organ, compiled and edited by David Sarandon, is a great collection of standard classics.  There are twenty-one favorites in this collection.  Another collection,  The Oxford Book of Wedding Music for Manuals, includes twenty-seven classics arranged for manuals only.   Also,  the “Wedding Processional”  from The Sound of Music  in single sheet music form is available in two settings.  One is set for all organs (#00312925), and one is set for full organ (#00199005).  The all organs version includes a bit of “What Shall we Do With a Problem Like Maria”,  (also called “Maria”  in the sheet music.)  There is a cut to the coda if the organist does not want to play “Maria”.  For more information about the music in this blog, or other wedding music, please call 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website, .  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Keyboards! 10 March, 2014

The oldest type of keyboard instrument is the pipe organ.  It dates to the third century B.C. There are many types of organs.  Over time, there have been many keyboard instruments, and plenty of music to go along with them.   One of the earliest collections of music for a keyboard instrument was the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, which is a collection of compositions by many composers.  There are other collections for virginal, but the Fitzwilliam collection is probably the best known.  There is so much music written for keyboard instruments that we may never run out.  There is music from at least 1562  to the present, from John Bull and John Dowland to Lowell Lieberman and Diane G. Rahbee.  The most common keyboard instrument nowadays is the piano, of course.  Parents who can afford it make sure their children have an opportunity to explore the piano for at least a few years.  All kinds of courses of instruction exist for learning to play the piano.  There are lots of sheets and books of keyboard music for classical, popular, jazz, rock, blues…..well, everything.  If you play a keyboard instrument, you should never get bored. If this article gets you interested in the endless variety of keyboard music, feel free to ask questions at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or check out our website at Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Sacred Organ Music for Lent and Easter 17 January, 2014

Aren’t we always looking for new music to play?  It keeps life interesting and keeps us more engaged.  Two books of organ music for Lent  and Easter are worth a look to that end.  “Lenten Reflections for Organ“,  by Franklin D. Ashdown, has eight arrangements on an intermediate to advanced level.  The pedal parts and the stops used in these pieces make them enjoyable to listen to.  “Ah, Holy Jesus“, arranged by Michael Burkhardt, is a collection of six Lenten hymn improvisations.  These beautiful pieces are perfect for preludes.  Stanton’s has more books for sheet music for organ for general use and for different times of the church year. To view our large selection of organ sheet music, visit us at, or at  You may call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, or email us at Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Music for Epiphany 19 December, 2013

The season of Epiphany begins on January the sixth, and typically ends on the second of February. The events included in Epiphany are the visit of the Magi, the presentation of the baby Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem, the baptism of Jesus, and the miracle at the wedding in Cana.

It isn’t very easy to find pieces to play during Epiphany.  Some pieces for piano can be found in “What Can I Play on Sunday? , Book 1: January and February Services” arranged by Cindy Berry. We usually have organ books in stock that contain music for Epiphany: “The Parish Organist Part Six“   from Concordia, and three collections from Morning Star:  “6 Hymn Settings for Epiphany” by Wilbur Held, “Three for Epiphany” by Paul Manz,  “Three Epiphany Preludes” by Robert Hobby, and “Carols Before, Carols After” compiled by Kris Kropff.  It’s not too early to choose your music for church; Christmas and Epiphany will be here before you know it!

Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Vivaldi Favorites 27 November, 2013

Vivaldi‘s violin concertos, The Four Seasons, are the most recognized and popular works he ever wrote.  S. Drummond Wolfe, world renowned organist, arranged “Music from The Four Seasons” for organ.  Set 1 is “Autumn“.  All three movements are included;  Allegro,  Adagio, Allegro.  Set 2 includes the Largo from “Winter” , and all three movements from “Spring”; Allegretto, Largo, Allegro.  It is not easy to find arrangements, much less good ones, for Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  These two sets of  sheet music transcriptions for organ are enjoyable to play, and are suitable for either recitals or for Sunday services.  They are well worth investigating.  For more information about these organ pieces or others, call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit, or websites.  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs.

Advent for Organ 28 October, 2013

This year, 2013, Advent begins on December the first.  Be ready for the first joyous Sunday of the Christmas holiday with beautiful organ music for your church’s services.  “Four Organ Pieces for Advent and Christmas“, arranged by Charles Callahan, contains 2 postludes and 2 preludes. The tunes include Wachet Auf, In dulci jubilo,  Cranham, and three more.  Robert Lau has arranged ” O Come, Emmanuel“, six well known Advent melodies for the season, including “The Angel Gabriel” and “Prepare the Way, O Zion”.  “Four Advent Hymn Preludes, set 2“, arranged by Wilbur Held, includes “Creator of the Stars of Night”,  and “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus.”  “Carols Before, Carols After“, compiled by Kris Krapff,  has eight pieces for Advent, including “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”,  and “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming”.   There are more collections for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany on our website, Or check out our organ website,  Many of the organ selections have sound files so you can hear examples of different titles.  Email us at to inquire further. We have a large selection of music for the season.  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs.

Preview New Music from Home! 27 February, 2013

As you begin looking planning you Spring concert program, remember that you can preview music from Stanton’s before you decide to buy! We know that it’s difficult to tell if a particular piece of music will fit your needs without actually reading it through, so similar to checking things out from a library, you can “borrow” resources from our store using the “21 Day Trial” program!

piano musicEach of Stanton’s departments has slightly different guidelines about what/how many items can be sent on “21 Day Trial,” but in general we can send printed sheet music that is currently in stock. You can request items for trial by phone, email, fax, online or in person—any of the ways that you can place a regular order—but make sure that you specify “21 Day Trial.” You can list the music you’d like to peruse, or you can give us some specifications (like “Patriotic easy piano solos,” “SSA choral music on the theme of friendship,” or “new publications for 8th grade jazz band”) and Stanton’s knowledgeable staff will find some suggestions for you!

We require account or credit card information so that if you choose to keep the music we can charge you accordingly, or return the music within 21 days of your invoice date and you’ll never be charged! (You’ll just have to pay return shipping to get the music back to us.)

Contact us now to request your trial, and then you won’t have to rush around once you’re done with Contest or back from Spring break!

Music for Epiphany 19 December, 2012

The season of Epiphany begins on January the sixth, and typically ends on the second of February. The events included in Epiphany are the visit of the Magi, the presentation of the baby Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem, the baptism of Jesus, and the miracle at the wedding in Cana. Probably the most familiar song for Epiphany is the the hymn, “We Three Kings.”  “As With Gladness, Men of Old” is another hymn often sung during Epiphany.

It isn’t very easy to find pieces to play during Epiphany.  Some pieces for piano can be found in “What Can I Play on Sunday? , Book 1: January and February Services” arranged by Cindy Berry. We usually have 4 organ books in stock that contain music for Epiphany: “The Parish Organist Part Six“   from Concordia, and three collections from Morning Star:  “6 Hymn Settings for Epiphany” by Wilbur Held, “Three for Epiphany” by Paul Manz, and “Three Epiphany Preludes” by Robert Hobby.  It’s not too early to choose your music for church; Christmas and Epiphany will be here before you know it!

Are your Christmas preparations “Complete?” 10 December, 2012

We know what a busy time of year December is for everyone, but especially for church musicians! Between extra services and Cantata rehearsals, when do you have time to find all your sheet music for Christmas Eve?! Make it a little easier on yourself, by purchasing all your arrangements in one volume for these two sacred favorites:

The Complete Gesu Bambino
We proudly present The Complete Gesu Bambino collection. This beloved Christmas classic by Pietro Yon is presented here for high, medium, and low voice with piano accompaniment; piano solo in advanced, intermediate, and easy editions; an organ solo; an organ/piano duet; and for violin and piano. Also included in this collection is a biographical sketch of Yon. A must for every church musician!

The Complete O Holy Night
Eight versions of the song in one collection, each in both French and English. 3 vocal solos (high, medium, low) with piano accompaniment, and 3 vocal solos (high, medium, low) with organ accompaniment. Also includes organ solo and piano solo.

For more Christmas music recommendations, read our previous blog on Christmas Vocal Solos,  check the “Christmas” category on Sacred Piano Music Only, or contact Stanton’s Sheet Music!


Happy Halloween! 31 October, 2012

Is there any piece of music that more quickly gives us chills than Toccata & Fugue in d Minor? This composition has been used to set the scene in many movies and television programs.

Did you know that there is some dispute as to whether this piece was truly written by J. S. Bach? There are claims that some of the musical conventions used post-date Bach’s lifetime. Perhaps you should order a copy, play it, and decide for yourself!

Click here to watch video

Sacred Organ Reading Session – NEXT WEEK! 10 August, 2012

Please join us for a Stanton’s Sheet Music sponsored Sacred Organ Reading Clinic! Brian Johnson, organist at Broad Street United Methodist Church, will be our featured clinician, and will be presenting music at various difficulty levels from some of the most popular publishers. Spend the morning listening to new selection for Advent and Christmas along with many other recommendations for your church services.

Stanton’s Sacred Organ Reading Clinic, Saturday September 15th, 2012
Broad Street United Methodist Church
501 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Registration begins at 8:30 am
Clinic is 9:00 am-12:30 pm
Cost: $10.00

For additional information, please contact the Stanton’s keyboard staff at 614-224-4257 ext. 3.

Did you know?… 27 July, 2012

At Stanton’s Sheet Music, we vicariously help teach your students with you! It’s true…We look through hundreds of new titles every summer and choose the select few that we would use if we were teaching.  These are the titles we share with you in our promotions on-line and in the mail.

So if you are thinking:
“Why should I spend my time looking at Stanton’s promotions?”
It’s because:
• Stanton’s Staff has already spent hours looking at and listening to hundreds of new titles.
• They have picked pieces at all levels that they would use if they were teaching.
• Their aim is to make your life easier and to help you succeed.

And if you are thinking:
“Why is Stanton’s Staff qualified to make these recommendations?”
It’s because:
• Stanton’s Staff is made up of college-trained musicians.
• Some of them have taught in the public schools and many teach privately.
• They know what has proven to be successful for Stanton’s customers over the years.

And if you are thinking:
“Why did Stanton’s Staff pick these particular pieces to recommend to me?”
It’s because:
Stanton’s only selects pieces that they believe are
• The most educationally valid
• The best sounding
• The most highly programmable

So if you are thinking:
“I can’t go wrong with Stanton’s Choices!”
It’s because:
• You’re right!

Organ Hymn Prelude Library 26 June, 2012

Organ Music, Hymn Prelude Library Volume 1,  A – Azmon

By the time the arrangers at Concordia are done, there will be a full set of 12 volumes of hymn preludes based on the hymn tunes of the Lutheran Service Book.  This first volume covers “A Va De” through “Azmon”, and each volume will contain hymn tunes in alphabetical order.

These preludes have been newly composed, are 2-4 pages long, and are perfect for preludes, postludes, offertories, or introductions.  Over 100 composers are contributing to this endeavor, so a rich assortment of styles, harmonies and registrations is in each volume.

Check  out this volume of organ sheet music at or Many hymn tunes are not specific to any one denomination, so this can be very useful to any church organist! You may call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC to inquire about this volume and other collections of organ music.

Last-minute Easter Solutions! 02 April, 2012

If you are in need of last minute piano and/or organ folios for your Easter worship service, you may want to look on our Easter Piano or Lent & Easter Organ. You can also search our dedicated organ website or sacred piano website

Because the books are listed on one of the websites does not ensure that they are in stock at Stanton’s.  To inquire about an item, you may call the Keyboard Department staff at 614-224-4257 ext. 3 or email us.  We are open weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm EST and Saturdays 9 am to 4 pm EST.

New Organ Music for Weddings 13 March, 2012

Check out these new Organ titles perfect for weddings as recommended by Stanton’s keyboard staff:

Three Festive Voluntaries For Organ
Three original trumpet tunes make up this engaging set of pieces for solo organ. A Processional with solo trumpet against accompaniment alternates with plenum sections. A joyful Fanfare uses a solo trumpet stop, reed chorus, and a solo pedal reed which plays the sprightly tune. A Trumpet Voluntary full of harmonic surprises closes out the collection.

The Prince of Denmark’s March
Careful attention to articulation, registration, and a real feel for the Baroque spirit makes this an edition to buy even if you’re comfortable with the version you now play. Fuller chords, a very rhythmic approach, and appropriate but festive passing tones keep this fresh new setting dancing along from start to finish.

Fantasy For A Festive Occasion
A great postlude or recital piece, this features melodic pedal passages and a three part fugal section. At times spirited and at other times lyrical, this is a fulfilling new addition to your repertoire. It may take time to learn, but is fully worth the effort!

For more suggestions for any time of year, contact our keyboard department!

More New Music for Organ 29 February, 2012

If you missed our January Organ Music Clinic, you can still check out these new titles recommended by Stanton’s keyboard staff:

17th And 18th Century Organ Voluntaries
This is an outstanding resource for all organists. Edited by Michael Burkhardt, this collection features music specifically for Manuals and Manuals with Pedal Points. A very useful book.

How does a worshiper express “adoration?” Sometimes it will be with a joyful shout of praise; but at other times, it may be through a quietly spoken prayer. Master craftsman Robert Lau has captured the full range of these expressions in styles ranging from bold to intimate, and he provides fresh, evocative material for use throughout the church year. Spirituals and folk hymns are featured side-by-side with classics like “O Worship the King.” Of special interest are three original compositions, including a new “Trumpet Tune” that will serve as an exultant prelude or postlude. This is a great teaching resource, especially for a pianist transitioning to organ.

At The Name of Jesus:
Four Hymns of Devotion
Two of the four settings (King’s Weston, Ora Labora) have exciting toccata settings. Two are more meditative (The Call, Sharpthorne.) All feature Michael Burkhardt’s exciting but approachable writing style.

For more suggestions for any time of year, contact our keyboard department!