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Buddy Holly Lives! Monday, September 07, 2009

00307053[1]Buddy Holly would have turned 73 on September 7th.  Though his life and career was short-lived, he made a profound influence on rock and roll music.  Considered a “pioneer of rock and roll”, the hits “Peggy Sue” and “That’ll Be the Day” are notable songs amongst other hits.  There is now a beautiful souvenir songbook of 33 songs along with photos and historical background of Buddy Holly.
     Charles Hardin Halley grew up to be Buddy Holly with Buddy being his family name.  The “e” was dropped out of his last name after a mistake was made when he signed a contract to Decca Records.  Buddy started his own band called “The Crickets” and they went on to play the Ed Sullivan show and received much fame.  In the early stages of rock and roll, he was also considered one of the first to write, produce and perform his own music. His own mother influenced him and he learned to play the piano, guitar and fiddle at a young age.  Just imagine if he had lived a longer life; there would definitely have been more songs contributed to this world by him.

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