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Jazz Piano Clinic Recap Tuesday, September 08, 2009

An awesome time was had at our clinic this fall.  JAZZ UP YOUR STUDIO was the theme for Stanton's Piano Teachers’ Clinic in August. Â  Eric Baumgartner was an outstanding clinician who helped those attending to be inspired to add jazz to their piano student's repertoire.  Jazz idiom is heard in so much of  today's music and young musicians should be introduced to it in their private study.  Eric has written two excellent jazz compilations that are titled Jazzabilities and Jazz leon-00406702-f[1]Connection.  There are three books in each of these collections and they can be bought with or without CD accompaniments.  The book one of each collection was so popular at the clinic that we sold out of them!

Eric has also arranged piano books for the Teaching Little Fingers To Play popular series.  Examples of his contributions include TLF To Play Jazz and Rock and TLF To Play More Jazz and Rock.  He has also arranged piano books called Jazz It Up Christmas and Jazz It Up Familiar Favorites.  Whether you include Eric Baumgartner's jazz piano books or other excellent Willis publications like the William Gillock New Orleans Jazz Style folios,  justStantonsJazzInvite be open to including the jazz style to “round out” your piano student's musical experience.  You will enjoy it as much as they will. Â  JAZZ UP YOUR STUDIO!!!   

Please visit Stanton's Sheet Music or contact the Keyboard staff to learn more about the piano teaching materials that were detailed in this clinic.

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