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The Violinist's Guide to Fiddling Friday, April 15, 2011

Are you a violinist with Bluegrass leanings? Maybe you yearn to play the old-timey style of fiddling. Perhaps other styles catch your attention, like Irish, Scottish or French Canadian. Do you need a little guidance to break the classical mold? This book from Mel Bay Publications, The Violinist’s Guide to Fiddling, by Mark Weeg, is the ticket to breaking that mold. Â Â 
Mark Weeg breaks each style down and gives examples and tunes to help introduce violinists to learn new styles  in addition to the classical style of playing. From “Amazing Grace” to “Up Jumped the Devil”, this book introduces 9 styles of fiddling and tunes to go with them!  For any of your fiddle needs, call Stanton’s Sheet Music at  614-224-4257 or check out our website.

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